My First Date

Welcome to another installment of Friday Flash Fiction.  This week’s thrilling episode is the work of guest blogger, Rachel Crofton, the internationally published author and creator of The Food Triangle, the critically acclaimed and scientifically balanced approach to weight loss. Thank you. ~ When Russell came crawling on his elbows and knees, begging me to… Read More My First Date

Le plane, le pain

Remember those thrilling days of yesteryear when you could actually sprint through an airport like O.J. Simpson in those Hertz commercials? This is before he’d killed anyone—except those who died from over exposure to poor acting in “Naked Gun.” And who can forget that classic movie, “Airplane?” It’s still hard to believe the Academy passed… Read More Le plane, le pain

Disasterpiece Theater

Hello, I’m Louis Feinberg and welcome to Disasterpiece Theater. Our story this week is written by a little known, and even less cared about American author whose autobiography, “Dreams of Mediocrity” has become the poster-child for rejected short story manuscripts. This week’s photo prompt is courtesy of Claire Fuller. Our unpaid sponsor, and a the… Read More Disasterpiece Theater