Criminal Mimes

I have a blog buddy in NYC who often volunteers to usher at theaters. The primary perk being that she gets to see a lot of great performances (and occasionally a bad one) absolutely FREE. One of the reasons I enjoy her blog is that she shares her theater experience, including the interaction with obnoxious… Read More Criminal Mimes

Horse Feather Boa

I have never had a positive experience with a horse. At age five, I was almost trampled by a pair of gigantic work horses. At twelve, an oversized Shetland tried to decapitate me by darting under low-hanging braches. And just last week, I had the most dramatic, near-death experience of my entire life. I was… Read More Horse Feather Boa


Last Tuesday night, I had the great privilege of reading one of my short stories on Tales From the South, a weekly public radio show syndicated by World Radio Network. This program airs around the globe making it available to more than 130 million listeners worldwide. This piece was originally titled “My First Day of School.”  I… Read More Dragonslayer

Distasteful Voyage

One of the first movies I watched in a theater was Fantastic Voyage, the 1966 sci-fi film in which a submarine and crew of scientists were shrank to microscopic size and injected into a neck artery for the purpose of destroying a blood clot. The special effects were primitive by today’s standards, but to an… Read More Distasteful Voyage