Month: April 2013

Presidential Library

Last September, Connie and I had the great pleasure of visiting the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. We spent a couple hours there and probably saw less than half of what there is to see.  If you haven’t toured a Presidential Library, today’s…

Location, location, location

For those of you expecting a lengthy intro this week—sorry, it ain’t gonna happen.  Too much to do and so little time. If you are new to Friday Flash Fiction, the queen bee of our hive is the lovely and talented, Flying Wallenda Wisoff-Fields….

The Dave Barry Experience

Last Friday evening, the Fayetteville Public Library had Dave Barry in town as part of their Famous Author series.  My wife, Connie, and I attended the reception prior to the show where we ran into my cousin and fellow author, JB Hogan. The follow…

Planter’s Warts

Have you ever had an embarrassing medical problem that made you want to get on the internet and share it with the entire world? Me neither. But thousands of people do each and every day. I’m told that’s what Facebook is for—a place to…

You call that a tree?

Some of our politicians in Little Rock have expressed concern over Arkansas’ public image.  They believe that many outside our fair state have the perception that we are a bunch of barefoot, buck-tooth (singular), inbred hillbillies with no ambition. My answer to that is…

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