Magic Bus

Welcome to the Rachel Crofton bus tour for the highly medicated.  If you’ve ever taught a teenager to drive, you know the harrowing experiences that happen when riding with someone who has a wandering eye and an anvil for a right foot—in this case, Rachel’s daughter, Regina. Your choices are; a.)       Keep your eyes clamped… Read More Magic Bus

Double Indemnity

I’ve often wondered how often palace guards have to do anything other stand perfectly still in their freshly pressed uniforms and superbly polished boots. What happens if their crotch itches? Do they allow them to wear iPods these days? Once Connie wins the lottery, I’ll see if she’ll let me hire two or three of… Read More Double Indemnity

Mild Kingdom

Like every other American of my generation, I grew up watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom starring Marlin Perkins. The most amazing thing about this show was not the exotic locales or dangerous animals they encountered. It was Marlin’s ability to convince his none-too-bright sidekick, Jim, to perform death defying acts of stupidity.  Here’s an… Read More Mild Kingdom