The Round-up

I spent yesterday in Indian country (Oklahoma) and barely escaped with my scalp (you have to be on your toes in those casinos). Today, I feel like stomping the dust off my boots, busting through the bat-wing doors of my favorite watering hole, and sucking down a frosty mug of ice cold sarsaparilla. In this… Read More The Round-up

Bad bike, baaad!

Connie and got back from visiting Dr. Shlomo Raz at UCLA Medical Center late yesterday afternoon (my excuse for being late). I offered to donate my brain to medical science, but they politely declined, insisting they only accept brains capable of forming complete thoughts. We’re going back for a longer stay in December and I’m… Read More Bad bike, baaad!

Two in the Bush

I’d like to begin this week’s post by wishing my fellow Americans “Happy Independence Day!” We are blessed to live in a nation where people can openly express their views (unless they’re politically incorrect) without fear of retribution. If you’ve watched television more than 30 minutes in the past month, you know that sex is… Read More Two in the Bush

Distasteful Voyage Revisited

Last week, I received an interesting gift from fellow Fictioneer Kent Bonham. He created an audio track of my flash fiction story, Distasteful Voyage, based on a photo by Jennifer Pendergast. I thought you might enjoy this brief, but thrilling journey through the lower tract. Distasteful Voyage