Those Beaches!

Have you ever noticed how inanimate objects gossip about each other?  Just look at the picture below. Judy and Wanda are over in the corner whispering about poor Carol. Perhaps one of her wheels spins in a circle or flops like flat tire. Maybe she has some rust and corrosion on her frame or the… Read More Those Beaches!

Strange Brew

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the weekend attending the Ozarks Creative Writers conference in Eureka Springs, AR. The conference featured several great speakers including Kevin Brockmeier, considered one of the best young authors in the south today. To read an excellent recap of this event visit Staci Troilo’s site. Every year they… Read More Strange Brew

Filthy Fowl

The origin of a nickname is often based on a physical characteristic or something a person said or did as a child. My father got his nickname, Pug, as a small boy when someone asked him about his political views and he declared himself a “Puglican.” That must be a branch of the Bird Party… Read More Filthy Fowl