Lost in the Hood

It’s good to be back for Friday Flash Fiction—the place where even guys like me and Cooter (not exactly giants in the literary world) can post 100 word stories without being completely and totally ignored. I’ve spent most of the last week in a back-n-forth editing session with Pen-L Publishing. This means I actually I… Read More Lost in the Hood

Bored Walk

After repeated problems with our internet air card (AT&T MiFi), we decided to part company. It was an amiable divorce, they kept the money and internet access and we get to stare at a blank screen. Connie is going through Facebook withdrawal and my opportunities to  post, read, and comment on blogs is limited to … Read More Bored Walk

Mount Acne

I hurt my heel last weekend and have been limping around like a one-legged boss at a butt kickin’ contest.  My co-workers have enjoyed mocking me by dragging one leg as they hobble down the hall toward the break room. When I accepted this position, I had no idea the amount of abuse a plant… Read More Mount Acne