G-String Boogie

One of the interesting things about playing in a band is the people (and behavior) you see on the dance floor. Mix one part pounding beat with four parts alcohol and inhibitions waltz right out the door. What’s left resembles the mating ritual of flightless birds as they attempt to entice a mate prior to… Read More G-String Boogie

Career Change

Most people fear Change. Some even prefer to stay in a bad situation rather than take a chance on something new. But in today’s world, Change doesn’t sit around and wait for volunteers, it moves right along whether we get on the bus or cower in the shadows. Aging is a great example. This weekend,… Read More Career Change


Flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and people are coughing and sneezing. Mother Nature is kicking off her drab winter garb and slipping into floral prints to celebrate the passing of a particularly cruel winter. To get in the proper mood for spring, you may want to consider ordering your Special Author’s Edition of The… Read More Renewal