Month: September 2016


Saturday morning, I will be competing in the NWA Toastmasters Area Humor Speech Contest. Thankfully, I won’t be going up against Donald Trump. He was in top form Monday night. There were several occasions where the entire audience rocked with laughter, including Mrs. Clinton….

Another Profound Revelation

Last weekend, I was on display at the 42nd Annual Foothills of the Ozarks Antique Auto Club Swap Meet in Springdale, Arkansas. Over the two day span, three or four elderly, toothless women sized me up before shaking their heads slowly from side to…


It appears we can’t manufacture anything in America anymore. All of our dry-goods, as my mother called them (clothing, shoes, linens, artificial cotton/cotton balls), come from foreign countries. Even Donald Trump had to import his current wife, Melania, from Yugoslavia because he couldn’t find…

School Daze

I was looking over my grandson’s homework (third grade) on Tuesday and discovered the little rug rats are dissecting sentences. Now, this might be cute if it were frogs, rats, or blocks of Limburger cheese. But sentences? Gross! These poor nine-year-olds are expected to…

No Longer #1

  Bad news for Arkansas Here in Arkansas, it’s not often we get to brag about leading the nation in any particular category. With our puny number of electoral votes (6), presidential candidates rarely even bother to stop in for a cup of coffee….

Shotgun Lightning

Am I the only who has noticed the reverse correlation between the lack of Bigfoot and UFO photos and the number of cellphones in the world? Just a few decades ago, you couldn’t walk past a supermarket check-out aisle without seeing a blurry photos…

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