Spin Cycle

There was a letter to the editor in our local paper last week regarding TV drug ads. The author had watched numerous “wonder drug” ads and decided he wanted to feel the same joy, contentment, and fun times as the people in those ads. He went to his doctor and asked for the drugs. His… Read More Spin Cycle


Let’s talk about tipping. Not the kind where you knock over a sleeping cow, but the custom of giving someone bonus money for just doing their job. I don’t know the history behind tipping, and I’m too lazy to do the research, so I’ll leave that to one of you. I don’t have a problem… Read More Muscaphobia

Seasoned Greetings

  Merry Christmas from Russell the Red-Nose Writer & Connie the Green-Thumb Gardener   Greetings Friends & Neighbors, We’ve been blessed to survive another year (you probably figured that out when you got this card). Some of you may have suspected for years that Russell had mental issues. Well, now it’s official—he’s retared. They say,… Read More Seasoned Greetings