Hard Knocks U.

Connie sent me a text this morning stating that she’d stumbled across a list of best humor writers on the internet and that I was rated number sixty-seven. Let’s hope none of those above me are mimes. That would be embarrassing. I also assume this means “living” humor writers. In which case, I need only track… Read More Hard Knocks U.

Where’s the Beef?

How many of you suffer from MSNS (Multiple Social Network Syndrome)? Is your day a whirlwind of activity hopping back and forth from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram and Twitter? Are you so social that there’s no time left for work, play, or dare I say—romance? I’ve not attended a writers conference yet without hearing… Read More Where’s the Beef?

Oh, Deer!

I’m not one to complain about federal employees, but how hard could it be to put letters in the right mailbox? The name and address is printed right there on the front. It seems easy enough when they’re marked Current Resident, Any Street, USA. But if you’re expecting a check or an acceptance letter from… Read More Oh, Deer!

Jack Be Klutzy

How many of you are familiar with the radio spot, “Cars for the Blind?” In their ad, a spokesperson asks listeners to consider donating unwanted cars, trucks, buses, mini-vans, and stretch limousines to the blind. They’ll even take motorboats, yachts, and cruise ships if you happen to have one of those lying around. Now, I’m… Read More Jack Be Klutzy