Twu Woemance

Max blew a deep, warm breath into a cupped hand and buffed the marble against his flannel shirt. This was his most prized possession, a gift passed down from Grandpa Wilson. It wasn’t really a marble at all, just a perfectly round stone embedded with tiny crystals and multi-colored swirls of turquoise and corral. Grandmother said it held magical powers.  
Max found Cecelia under their favorite tree, where he’d carved their initials inside a heart last week.
“I have something for you,” he whispered, placing his hand in hers.
She opened her palm. “Oh great, a freakin’ rock. How woemantic.”

11 thoughts on “Twu Woemance

  1. Aawww, if she couldn't see the awesome in that gift, she's not the right girl anyway. I felt sorry for him, but it still made me laugh.

  2. How sweet. 🙂 The rock sounds really lovely. I don't see how Cecelia couldn't have liked it! Dismayed as she may be.(Funny, you and I had character with the same names this week! Only I spelled mine "Cecilia". :D)

  3. Baaahhaahaa!! I wuved it!! I do feel sorry for Max though, but Cecelia's response was surprising – and funny. I actually felt her disappointment -and now I feel Max's… Very nice story.

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