The Ice Woman Cometh

Here’s my 100-word Friday Flash Fiction based on the photo prompt below by Madison Woods. Visit her blog to read her story and find links to other author’s submissions within the comments.

Dan could barely keep his eyes on the road. The sun peeked over the horizon and bounced playfully from one tree to another, illuminating the mountain. Brilliant reds, oranges, yellows flashed neon against an azure sky. The forecast called for mid-seventies and sunny.
Carolyn had been quite playful this morning, teasing about some “big surprise” she had in store. The workday lasted forever.
What happened? His driveway looked like a war zone. Icy limbs draped their hideous arms over the narrow drive and tore at the paint on his car.

Carolyn’s smile greeted him at the door. “Surprise! Mother’s here!”

12 thoughts on “The Ice Woman Cometh

  1. I love it!! I found myself, saying "Huh? Okay, where's he taking us this time?" Then, POW! You never cease to amaze. I especially liked "Icy limbs draped their hideous arms over the narrow drive . . ." Excellent!Oh – and I like your profile pic, too! 🙂


  2. Ah, Russell,I loved the subtle inference that the mother in law's arrival was worse than the havoc wreaked by the ice storm. Or was it his wife's way of saying that Mother Nature had visited their locale and he had work to do to clean up?A very good story. I'm still chuckling at it.Aloha,Doug


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