View from the Bottom

It’s been a rough week at the old grind.  I’ve been more covered up than mosquito netting at a nudist camp. Changing to WordPress was easy enough. Now I have to learn how to use it. Right now, I feel kind of out of place and upside down. Let’s see what kind of story that creates.

This week’s photo is courtesy of Stacy Plowright.

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Man, this is really uncomfortable. I wonder how long I’m going to be stuck in this position. We were moving right along and the action just stopped.

People are screaming, running wild like a duck after a grasshopper, and it’s impossible to see with all those bright flashing lights.

I can feel my face getting hot from the blood rushing to my head.

This was all Mom’s idea. I was perfectly content inside, but she insisted on bringing me into the great outdoors. Now, she’s puffing like a freight train.

One more good push and I’ll be out of here.


19 thoughts on “View from the Bottom

  1. Hahahahahahaha! Leave it to you to flip the picture upside down. And thanks I needed the laugh. It hasn’t been a very laughable week. Welcome to WordPress. I haven’t figured out the tabs yet. Looks like you have. Hm. I did take two hours last week to figure out how to put widgets in my side column. Sorry…I’m only supposed to be commenting on your story. Stellar and funny as always. I’m still chuckling.


  2. Dear Russell,

    Welcome to the world (of WordPress) my boy. Perfect story for your arrival here. I loved your piece. It highlights your very creative mind and reinforces in me the desire to track down your stories each Friday.

    A side note of note: I was going to flip the picture for one of my early ideas. I’m glad I didn’t because yours is perfect.

    Aloha buddy,



  3. OK, I’m really stupid. Thanks for pointing that out, everyone. I had no idea what was going on and I read it twice! Maybe ’cause I’m a guy? Nope. It sounds like Doug and JK got it. Oh well. Would it help to say the writing was great? I mean, I can appreciate good writing even if I can’t understand what’s going on!


    1. Doug & JK have read a lot of my stuff, and Doug will testify on a Funk & Wagnalls encycopedia that my brain patterns work differently than most people. I wanted readers to have an initial impression that someone was stuck upside down on a carnival ride (don’t know if that came across) and finish with the image of a child being born outdoors facing the sky. Some got it, some probably didn’t. Oh well, maybe next week . . . .


      1. I’ll gladly be there next week. I enjoy your writing and did get the upside down bit. But at first I thought maybe the mother was holding him upside down over the balcony. Gives you an idea of what my parenting skills are like…


  4. HI Russell: How brave of you to switch to WordPress. I’ve yet to take the plunge. Re. your story, another good one and another chuckle. So glad you are wired differently from the rest of us. Welcome to the world, little one. You may be the one to discover a cure for cancer or ALZ. Still trying to visualize your mom birthing you upside down. I’m 29 on the list.


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