Nuts about You

Today’s Friday Flash Fiction post is a tribute to series of cartoon skits known as “Fractured Fairy Tales” and one of my favorite broadcasters, Paul Harvey. I seriously exceeded the 100 word limit, but this story was just dying to be told.
Photo courtesy of Madison Woods

Nuts about You

Dale was known for his creative ideas. What others saw as common and ordinary, he viewed with possibilities and potential.
He plucked the sprouting acorn from his path and rolled it around in both hands. The tender shoot curved like a beckoning finger, triggering an explosion of ideas.

Ice cream. White oak ice cream—what a wonderful idea!
Aware that his marketing skills were woefully lacking, Dale enlisted his best friend to help push the new flavor. It failed miserably.
Bankruptcy soon followed and they were forced to sell the business to a couple of young entrepreneurs named Ben and . . . somebody.
Undeterred by failure, they opened a dance studio for aspiring young men.
Perhaps you’ve heard of them—Chip & Dales?
And now you know . . . the rest of the story.


11 thoughts on “Nuts about You

  1. "The tender shoot curved like a beckoning finger…" I LOVE that, Russell! And loved your combining Paul Harvey with Fractured Fairy Tales, also two of my favorites. And a surprise ending to boot! Great job!


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