Not a Pup Anymore

This week’s Friday Flash Fiction post is my take on the photo prompt provided by Madison Woods. Visit her website  and find links to other Friday Flash Fiction stories from authors around the globe.  Please post the link to your story with your comment. 

Not a Pup Anymore

I may be getting a few gray hairs, but I still like to run with the big dogs now and then. Problem is, the aches and pains catch up with me and the next day I can’t even lick myself.
At my age, the rising cost of dog food and veterinary visits become a real concern. Who’s going to look out for my needs?
Then I heard about the American Association of Retired Canines. AARC membership entitles me to discounts on flea collars, rabies shots, even hotel* stays.
If you’re a mature pet visit their web site, or call 1-800-Old-Dogs and check out AARC. You’ll howl with delight.
*(when traveling with a human)


15 thoughts on “Not a Pup Anymore

  1. So good; I could just imagine a voice-over on this on the television, with the '*when accompanied by a human' appearing on the bottom of the screen. Brilliant take


  2. Nice twist…our Mindy was qualified as "special needs" because she is not only a BBD (Big Black Dog) but also an Old Dog. She also had a huge growth on her face when her family turned her in. It had just been removed, so she had stitches all over her snout when we got her. Plus, she was overweight and had arthritis. But…with the expensive dog food and lots of exercise and TLC, she has dropped ten pounds and seems to be doing well. PS – our vet gives us a discount because she was adopted from the local shelter!~Susan (here's mine:


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