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Still Gettin’ Over It

A few weeks back my wife, Connie, went on a cleaning binge. According to the TV, Queen Elizabeth was fixin’ to turn 96 and the way Connie was working it appeared we would be hosting the celebration. My role in the preparations would be to scrub… Continue Reading “Still Gettin’ Over It”

Ring Around the Ankle

Lately, I’ve been feeling left out when listening to the conversation of friends my age and older. Most of them have some kind of aliment or medical condition they can ramble on about for hours. The only thing I had was an occasional flare-up… Continue Reading “Ring Around the Ankle”

The Semi-Suite

The topic of today’s intro is nicknames. I’ve had several thrust upon me over the past sixty years and I’m sure most of you have been suited with a fitting sobriquet as well.  My dad was notorious for coining nicknames. One of my favorites was… Continue Reading “The Semi-Suite”

A Hard Bargain

Watching the winter games on television has gotten my competitive juices flowing. I’ve started training for the 2024 Obese Olympics. If all goes according to plan, I expect to bring home the gold in several disciplines including The Bellyflop. Getting in shape for the… Continue Reading “A Hard Bargain”

Dirty Business

The other day I decided to purge some old files from my computer.  Right-clicking on the unwanted files, I selected “move to trash” from the dropdown menu.  Soon the mini dumpster in the bottom corner of my screen was overflowing with electronic garbage, so I clicked the… Continue Reading “Dirty Business”

Upchucking Wood

Have you ever been watching TV or listening to the radio and decided to change channels when a commercial came on? If you’re like me, what you discovered is a hideous plot by advertisers to synchronize commercials.  Somehow, they manage to successfully block every route… Continue Reading “Upchucking Wood”

The Dressing Room

Recently, a friend of mine referred to a mutual acquaintance as “one sharp cookie.” I know he meant this as a compliment to her intelligence, but the visual image that flashed in my head featured shards of glass and razor blades stuffed discreetly inside… Continue Reading “The Dressing Room”

the unwelcome wagon

Today, we’re going to discuss magazines. Why is it you can’t go into a waiting room without seeing the never popular Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, and Southern Living? Hidden in the plethora of advertisements, you’ll find articles with photos of neatly manicured homes. This is… Continue Reading “the unwelcome wagon”

sloshing the delaware

I read an interesting article this week about sidekicks. The job description of a sidekick involves laughing at jokes that aren’t funny and making the hero (or late-night host) appear smarter than they really are. The sidekick can also be the butt of the… Continue Reading “sloshing the delaware”

unhappy returns

I saw on the news today where an old lumberjack found a full sheet of plywood in an Oregon forest. Lumber prospectors and home improvement gurus are rushing to the area in hopes of striking the mother lode. Sasquatch who live in the area… Continue Reading “unhappy returns”

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