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The Night Before Yom Kippur

  If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, it’s run by a woman who sticks a fork in an outlet every week to keep her hair curly, the permanently permed, Shirley Temple Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise in madness, head over… Continue Reading “The Night Before Yom Kippur”

California Scheming

Have you ever taken a long cut–as opposed to a shortcut? What I’m referring to is driving around the world to get across the street. Some people call it “taking the scenic route,” or offer the excuse of avoiding heavy traffic, toll roads, or… Continue Reading “California Scheming”

Road Trip

Here in the South, the temperature is rising faster than the boiling blood of an angry bovine who’s just been teased with a red handkerchief. Since we don’t live on a paved road, Connie had to cook our bacon and eggs this morning on… Continue Reading “Road Trip”

Joined at the Lip

Until recently, if you wore a mask into a liquor store people would assume that you were either a robber, or a Baptist hoping a fellow parishioner didn’t recognize you. Today, thanks to the coronavirus, it’s fashionable for everyone to wear masks in public.… Continue Reading “Joined at the Lip”


I don’t know how many of you are superstitious, but according to my calendar, today is Wednesday the 13th. I know it doesn’t sound as ominous as Friday the 13th, but hey, just wait a couple of days and Friday will be here. This… Continue Reading “Incognito”

Sideways in Paris

No intro this month—you can breathe a sigh of relief. If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the keeper of bats in the Belton belfrey who posts our photo prompt each week, is Denise “The Purple Menace” Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in… Continue Reading “Sideways in Paris”

Surfboard of Denial

Friday night, we played cards with another couple. For a twist, I suggested we name our teams and add cheers or fight songs like you might hear at a high school or college sporting event. Instead of choosing a fierce animal, bird, or renowned… Continue Reading “Surfboard of Denial”

Hand Me My Top Hat

Rubber boots and slickers are standard daily attire in my neck of the woods these days. It seems we’re in the middle of a winter monsoon, and I’m wondering if I should’ve started building an ark months ago. Connie asked me yesterday about the… Continue Reading “Hand Me My Top Hat”

Catch & Release

Gifts I received this Christmas included the David Sedaris Masterclass Course on Storytelling & Humor, and a book entitled “642 Things to Write About.” Each page of the book contains at least one short writing prompt and enough blank lines to scribble something on… Continue Reading “Catch & Release”

Out of the Cold

The topic of today’s FFF intro is Wisdom Teeth. According to Wikipedia, they’re called Wisdom Teeth because they come in so much later than your other permanent teeth (or, if you’re from Arkansas—your single permanent TOOTH). Since they choose to show up so late,… Continue Reading “Out of the Cold”

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