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Charlie Chan at the FFF Circus

For centuries, man has attempted to modify nature by crossbreeding different plants and animals of similar species. Sometimes the results have been successful and at other times a total disaster. Oranges are a hybrid fruit, traced back to a cross breed between a pomelo… Continue Reading “Charlie Chan at the FFF Circus”

The Forest of Disenchantment

Connie and I watch a lot talent shows, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and American Idol. While most of these programs focus on music, there’s a wealth of unmined categories where contestants could exhibit their skills and for a shot at fame and fortune.… Continue Reading “The Forest of Disenchantment”

Parting the Yellow Sea

For those of us in the United States, yesterday was an important day. Grown men wearing top hats yanked a large rodent from its burrow and proclaimed Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. I wish they’d pick a name that’s easier to pronounce. How about… Continue Reading “Parting the Yellow Sea”

The Jury’s Still Out

They say you are what you eat. The same hold true for your brain. From an early age, I fed mine a steady diet of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Looney toons, and that thrilling test pattern that appeared when TV stations logged off the air.… Continue Reading “The Jury’s Still Out”

The Pilgrimage

The pandemic has kept Connie and I spending more time at home and limited our social interaction with family, friends, and neighbors. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed by an outpouring of cards, letters, and phone calls from people we don’t even know. I’ve been amazed… Continue Reading “The Pilgrimage”

Outside the Lines

They’ve been making adult coloring books for several years now. Most pages contain a jumble of intricate designs said to help relieve stress. They also make one with swear words for those whose clock is wound so tightly they’re about to explode. Even our… Continue Reading “Outside the Lines”

Slow Times at Belton Jr. High

During my work career, I attended several classes on Time Management. The curriculum focused on scheduling activities and other tools to gain efficiency and become more productive. However, occasions often arise where neither efficiency nor productivity is important. That’s why I decided to create… Continue Reading “Slow Times at Belton Jr. High”

The Night Before Yom Kippur

  If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, it’s run by a woman who sticks a fork in an outlet every week to keep her hair curly, the permanently permed, Shirley Temple Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise in madness, head over… Continue Reading “The Night Before Yom Kippur”

California Scheming

Have you ever taken a long cut–as opposed to a shortcut? What I’m referring to is driving around the world to get across the street. Some people call it “taking the scenic route,” or offer the excuse of avoiding heavy traffic, toll roads, or… Continue Reading “California Scheming”

Road Trip

Here in the South, the temperature is rising faster than the boiling blood of an angry bovine who’s just been teased with a red handkerchief. Since we don’t live on a paved road, Connie had to cook our bacon and eggs this morning on… Continue Reading “Road Trip”

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