On the Reservation

Today’s Friday Flash Fiction post is my take on the photo prompt provided by Madison Woods. Visit her website    http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/  and find links to other Friday Flash Fiction stories from authors around the globe.  Please post the link to your story with your comment. 

On the Reservation

Back in my younger days, I had the freedom to roam this country. Then I got involved in the civil rights movement in 1964. It wasn’t a popular stand, particularly in the south. Local officials drummed up false charges about an Apache running wild. The next thing I knew the Department of Indian affairs put me behind a fence.
I reached out to the National Association of Abused Chevy Pick-ups for help. They racked their pipes, tooted their horns, and blew a lot of hot air, but nothing changed.
This summer, I’ll open a casino and smoke-shop. Who’s laughing now?


15 thoughts on “On the Reservation

  1. Haha…Every week, I look forward to see what you have up your sleeve. You never fail to surprise with your wonderful, original humor. Thanks again for another good chuckle. Here's mine:www.triplemoonstar.blogspot.come


  2. We seem to be having trouble commenting on this post Russell. Some of the Fictioneers have left comments for you on your comment at my blog. I was able to comment on your previous story about the chain letters, but the first time I tried to comment on this post it wouldn't let me. So I'm back to try again. Maybe third time's the charm…


  3. I tried my darnest to reply to this on Friday, but obviously I failed miserably. This cracked me up when I read it. You did a great job describing the trucks feelings and gave the reader a great laugh in the process. Nice work. 🙂


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