Chunky Dunkin’

Welcome to  Friday Flash Fiction.  Photo courtesy of Madison Woods be sure and leave a link to your story when you comment on this one.  And, Thanks for stopping by!

Chunky Dunkin’ 

“This is where it happened, Sheriff. Do you want me to stretch yellow crime tape between those trees and start the investigation?”
“No, I don’t think skinny dippin’ qualifies as a real crime, Barn.”
“Humph, there wasn’t anything skinny about those two. Clem Miller said they came running out of the brush, naked as jaybirds, and jumped cannonball-fashion right into the river. It created a tsunami that washed his truck off the low-water bridge and swept away three of Arthur Boatright’s cattle.”
“Yeah, I know. I’ll have a talk with Aunt Bea. She needs to stop drinking moonshine with Otis.”

13 thoughts on “Chunky Dunkin’

  1. Yes, that was funny. Conjured up all kinds of unwholesome visions. Had the twist of True Blood's unbelievably stupid residents to it. Charming.Lindaura


  2. This was hilarious, Russell, from the choice of names, to the dialogue, to the final image at the end. Just perfect!–Jan


  3. Haha…all I did was read the title…Chucky Dunkin' and burst out laughing…and continued to laugh throughout. And I'm still laughing. What a relief after all the creepy, spooky, dark tales this week. Russell, from now on, I'm going to read your story first…to set the mood because I love to laugh…then maybe I can tolerate the spoooky ones. Thank you, dear Russell for your wonderful, genuine humor. I could read an entire book of your sh. stories. You must be a hoot to live with. Here's


  4. Hey Russell, this was very witty and the ending was excellent. I knew it was Andy when he said, "Barn," but never thought it would be Aunt Bea and Otis.


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