Bob-ware Prison

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Bob-ware Prison

No one knew how long he’d been there before they found him. Even the coroner had difficulty determining the exact time of death. His report read “sometime on Friday.”
There were signs of a struggle. Locks of hair—torn from his head, chewed pieces of fingernail, coffee spills near the keyboard.
Friends and family gathered to grieve, wondering aloud if anything could have been said or done to prevent his untimely demise.
Everyone commented on the barb-wire halo draped over a fence post. Perhaps that was the key to unlocking the mystery. The words “bob-ware prison” scrawled beneath the prompt.


17 thoughts on “Bob-ware Prison

  1. Sorry about the poor guy. Madison was right.She predicted you may have been on the floor with your computer. You said it yourself…Madison has been pushing you closer to the edge every week, so you tortured this poor guy. lol I told Madison…enough of these gloomy prompts. Aren't there any pretty sites in her area…like flower gardens, etc? lol. She's asking members to send in ph. prompts. I will send her one. Tks for visiting me. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Dear Russell,I say this with the utmost admiration and respect; You are a loon!Great story as usual, but this time a barbed message for our Director of Photo Prompts. Well done.Aloha,Doug


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