I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s entry to this week’s Friday Flash Fiction photo provided Madison Woods When I first saw the photo, I imagined stories of Werewolves and other evil creatures going bump in the night. As might be expected, I took the road less traveled. As always, I look forward to your feedback. Thanks for stopping by.
Moonbeams danced through the intermittent clouds drifting high above the scattered trees. Chad, Amy, Mark, and Veronica planned to spend the evening watching a meteor shower on the banks of Wildcat Creek. On the way, they stopped by One-Eyed Jack’s and picked up a quart of double-run shine.
The couples lay in the bed of Mark’s truck listening to Van Morrison and passing the fruit jar. Clouds obscured any view of meteors, but the liquid corn cast its own sparkle across the celestial canvas.
When the last drop was drained Chad hopped upon the pick-up cab, pulled down his pants and shouted, “Look everybody. It’s the moon over my Amy.”

19 thoughts on “Moondance

  1. Oh My God! I couldn't help laughing, but that was the worst joke ever – and yet the most enchanting tale! I don't know what else to say. But I am still laughing. I can hardly type!Yours, as ever,Laura


  2. You took the road-less-travelled all right, Russell. Wondeful, funny as always. (Don't I always say that on yours? It's true.)I especially liked the Van Morrison part — it "put me right there." Nice touch. 🙂


  3. Dear Russell,This was your most subtle, and as a result, one of your most sneaky funny stories ever. Moon over my Amy. I'm in awe of you and searching like Google through my brain for other moon lyrics you could have used. That's amore. Well done.Aloha,Doug


  4. Gheesh! Having a difficult time posting tonight. Will give it one more try. Russell…Once again, thanks for the chuckles…will even kick in a few giggles this time. Here's mine;


  5. Ha! Oh to be that age again (I´ve read them as teenagers). Nicely done, the first funny tale I've read on this prompt. Thanks for the laugh :-D


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