Best Laid Plans (of Clowns & Men)

I don’t normally continue a Friday Flash Fiction story from one week to the next, but after seeing the photo Wednesday afternoon, I realized there was no alternative.  So here goes . . . .
Photo courtesy of Madison Woods

Best Laid Plans (of Clowns & Men)
The interview went better than he could have ever dreamed. Ray Kroc was so intrigued by his marketing strategy proposal that he encouraged Ron to implement it at their busiest restaurant.
The focus would be on attracting and retaining young children as the primary customer base. Step one would be development of a small-portion meals containing a prize. Unfortunately, Ron relied on his degree in Entomology when selecting the contents.
Unsuspecting mothers shrieked in horror as live insects darted from their children’s lunch sacks. Angry complaints came pouring in.
Employees dubbed the highly unsuccessful and short-lived venture the ‘Grumpy Meal.’

15 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans (of Clowns & Men)

  1. Dear Russell,I'm glad you didn't resist the temptation to continue last week's story. I'm still laughing aat your 'Grumpy Meal' offering. perfect luna(cy).Aloha,Doug


  2. Excellent! Grumpy Meal. I'll bet they could actually market those. There are days I'd buy one. :)–Jan


  3. Russell on his game once again…Yikes! Can you imagine finding "insects" and "vermin" jumping out of your cheeseburger? Grumpy Meal…indeed. And lots of lawsuits. Here's


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