Myth Confirmation

When I saw this week’s photo prompt from Madison Woods  my mind started racing like a heavily sedated sloth on an exercise wheel.  Could that be the road less traveled? Nope, the grass is worn down. Is it the path of least resistance? I don’t think so. It looks like an uphill climb. This fat boy would be out of breath before he got to the first bend. Unable to generate even the tiniest spec of genuine creativity, I did what any self-respecting humor writer would do in times of duress.—I stole an idea from a cartoonist.  Let’s just say I’m “borrowing” it. He can have it back after you’re done reading.

Myth Confirmation

Marty had been planning this hiking trip for months. He and Judy both loved the outdoors, and their children, Will and Teresa, had finally reached the age where they could run wild in the forest with only limited supervision.

They’d spent a small fortune on gear and supplies only to be confronted by a large bear at the edge of the woods.

The bear rose to his full height, thrust forth a gigantic paw clutching a half-roll of Charmin. He leaned forward and whispered, “Trust me on this . . . you don’t want to go in there right now.” 

21 thoughts on “Myth Confirmation

  1. Russell, yours is the first story I've read this morning and I love starting with a laugh. Heck, even your intro was hilarious! "…my mind started racing like a heavily sedated sloth on an exercise wheel." I'm sure that's the funniest thing I'll hear all day. Thank you.–Jan


  2. I think if the prompts were too easy it wouldn't be any fun, and certainly not very challenging. I used to watch Jonathan Winters go into a room of various items, pick one up and start a story, then another with a whole new direction. He's one of my heroes.


  3. Fantastic, as always! Loved your intro too. You MUST find Dave Barry's agent and get a book deal. Seriously. I would buy a bunch of them.I hope to get back on board next week. We had another death in our family (makes 5 in 4 years). Unbelievably sad and rather scary.


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