You Rock My World

I’m not at all knowledgeable when it comes to art.  It wasn’t even available as a minor when I attended the University of Hard Knocks. The closest I came to collecting art was three Vargas girl pin-ups from 1973. Here’s my interpretation of this fine piece of sculpture.

This week’s photo is courtesy of Lora Mitchell.

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You Rock My World

Erastus was exhausted. The 80 A.D. Olympics were only eleven months away. He had been working extremely hard since his disappointing finish three years ago.

His corporate sponsors insisted he grow a third wing to boost his chances in the decathlon. The extra appendage had improved his time in the running and jumping events, but a hindrance in the discus and javelin.

This morning, Pannychis said she felt the earth move when they kissed. He smiled. It was just Mount Vesuvius rumbling.

Now, covered in dust and suffocating, he put his head between his legs and kissed his ash goodbye.


19 thoughts on “You Rock My World

  1. You are a real nut. I doubt it is a trait you had to develop. I have a feeling you were an acorn as a child and grew into a nut. Having said that, you are a talented writer even though I grimaced at your ending. I have a bit of class, admittedly a small bit, and could not bring myself to laugh outright.


  2. Hi Russell,
    You nailed it, kind of. I’ve been doing Needle and the Damage Done for quite a few years now on my old guitar. But I think I wrote this trying to shake a particulary disturbing episode of Breaking Bad I saw last week. Rock on, my friend. Ron


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