Not the Strongest Battery in the Bottle

After reading one of my short stories, non-writer family members and friends often ask, “Where did that idea come from?”  

Thanks to  this week’s photo by Sean Fallon, I will not only explain where they come from, but also  why some are better than others.

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Not the Strongest Battery in the Bottle

“You know how cartoons show a light bulb coming on when someone gets an idea?”


“Did you ever wonder what powers that light bulb?”

“No, can’t say that I have, Forrest.”

“And you know how some people have really bright ideas, others shine dim, and some poor folks can’t even make the bulb come on?”

“Yeah, I’ve known a few of those.”

“Well, those light bulb ideas are powered by batteries.

Mama says, ‘Life is like a jar of batteries. Sometimes you get lithium ion, sometimes you get alkaline, and sometime you get a dud.’”


23 thoughts on “Not the Strongest Battery in the Bottle

  1. It’s not just you. If you ever go to an author reading with a Q&A afterward, you’ll hear someone ask that question. Without fail. Also: “How much do you draw from your personal life” and “do you write long hand first, and then type?”

    I’m often envious of those authors that have “made it” and have an audience that would sit and listen to them read. But I also feel sorry for them, for having to answer the same innane questions at every event.


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