Houston, We Have a Problem

This week’s photo prompt inspired me to take a brief respite from the laborious task of writing humor and take on one of the most serious challenges facing our society today—addiction. Not a single family on the face of our planet has escaped the unscrupulous chokehold of dependency. Alcoholism, gambling, drugs, and even sex addiction are some of the most common.

Today’s story is an effort to raise awareness to a lesser known affliction and simply say, “You are not alone.” If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, please get help.

This week’s photo is courtesy of Rich Voza. To read more stories, visit Roberta Wisoff-Fields blog, http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ and click on the little blue InLinz critter to find links other author’s blogs.

Rich Voza photo

“Where is she?”

“Last door on the left, room 2213.”

“God, I feel so guilty about admitting her. We tried so hard. I feel like a failure (choking back tears).

“Now, now, (placing a hand on his shoulder) don’t beat yourself up. You did everything you could, and bringing her here was the best thing for both of you.”

“Can you cure her, doctor?”

“This is the best addiction treatment center in the Ozarks. We can help her, but she’ll always be a recovering addict.”

“Is she making progress?”

“Yes, Mr. Fields. She readily admits to being addicted to purple.”


28 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a Problem

  1. Dear Russell,
    First of all, Mr. Fields says to tell you that after ten step programs and years of therapy, Mrs. Fields hasn’t been able to overcome her addiction.
    This was hilarious. I laughed til I cried.


    1. My sympathies to Mr. Fields. Perhaps we should start with some warm, neutral colors and earth tones. Be prepared for flashback and withdrawls, but you can whip it.


    1. Yes, I’m just glad we were able to take this story public. Hopefully, it will give others the confidence to come forward and seek help too.


  2. Hi Russell,
    You almost sucked me in. But I’ll never believe you can resist the urge to be funny. Was wondering if you could get me some of that good purple stuff. I heard you were connected to the Goshen cartel. I’d even accept green or gold. Ron


  3. Dear Russell,

    First thing out of the box on Friday, Rothschild says to me, “Have you read Russell’s?” and I said “No, but let me go check it out.” I did and I have been laughing ever since. Brilliant work and almost too easy. She’s just standing there, taking those pies in the face. Sign of a good host, I guess, but remember what they say about revenge.


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