Disco Golf Luau

I’d like to start this week’s intro by saying I have the utmost respect for Mr. Fred Rogers. He brought a gentle, comforting presence into the lives of millions of children and the world is a better and happier place for him having lived in it.

When I was young, we used to watch the Dean Martin Show every week. My favorite episodes featured Jonathan Winters squeezing into a room stuffed with random items (not unlike my garage). He would pick up an item, such as a ball glove or carburetor, immediately jump into character, rattling off the funniest story you ever heard—totally spontaneous and unrehearsed.

Something similar, only different, happened to me today as I wrote this story. The Friday Flash Fictioneer photo for this week is courtesy of Doug “Flying Disc Man” MacIlroy. To read other far-fetched offerings visit our hostess, Ruby Slippers Wisoff-Fields’ blog, http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ and click on the little blue InLinz critter to find links other author’s blogs.

Doug's ball

Disco Golf Luau 

“Good morning, boys and girls. Welcome to Mr. Roger’s workshop. Today we’re going to build a disco ball for our friend, Mr. Mac, in Hawaii. Can you say that . . . disco?

First, we soak strips of paper in paste and cover a beach ball with them. This is called papier-mâché. When the ball is dry, we’ll glue on thousands of tiny mirrors.”

“What’s Mr. Mac going to do with it?” asked Ruby.

“He wants to put it on his red bucket and take it to the disc golf course.”

“But why?”

“Because it’s on his bucket list, Ruby.”



23 thoughts on “Disco Golf Luau

  1. I have not thought of Jonathan Winters in some time… for me, true comic genius? I’ve been trying to think of whom you remind me of, since I first saw you in a clown nose and read your words. I think I know now.


  2. Dear Russell,

    I’m taking a collection to help you fund and produce and star in your own Saturday morning television show for kidults. You’ll be syndicated nationwide in no time. Great story. Off to dance beneath my disco ball. (And there’s 8 hours and 15 minutes until Church of the Disc tomorrow. Fly out and throw a round someday.)




  3. i LOVED the dean martin show, and i totally forgot about that segment with jonathan winters. i’m glad you brought it back to me. big fan of the dean martin celebrity roasts too. i can totally see the influence on the story. well done.


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