Happy 38th, Baby

This post is dedicated to my wife, Connie, who chose to marry me on January 11, 1975. It’s not always been easy, but things worth having are worth the effort. Lord knows, she could have done a lot better, and I married way out of my league.

happy couple

Several years ago, I wrote her this song for our anniversary.

Deeper in Love with You


When I was seventeen, I knew everything

That’s when we met in school

First time I saw your face my heart began to race

And Cupid’s arrow flew

Straight for my heart I saw it comin’

Just like a bolt from the blue

Straight for my heart I saw it comin’

And in that moment I knew

That I could easily fall in love with you.


And then one Saturday by a fireplace

In your light-blue gown

The Justice of the Peace said, “Will you love and keep?”

I thank you Mrs. Brown

Nobody there to throw the rice

No camera to camera the news

No champagne on ice to cool down the night

Just two young lovers who knew

That I had already fallen in love with you

*Connie & Russell action figures sold separately

The days go by, the years go faster

We watched the children grow

We may grow old someday, but if we do I say

I’ll still be wanting you

Somebody there to share my life

Turn all the gray skies blue

One special girl to be my wife

What else could any man do?

But fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

B & W Chistmas2012

8 Comments on “Happy 38th, Baby

  1. Awwwwwwwww, Russell, Connie brings out the romantic mush in you. That’s great. Love the C&R action figures. Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved wife!


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