CSI Dodge City

I love music—always have. As I mentioned last week, I spent a lot of years writing songs and playing bass in rock and blues bands. Personally, I enjoy all types of music with the exception of rap, and I might even enjoy some of it if I could understand the lyrics and they weren’t about slappin’ yo mama (or something worse). Some folks are not so tolerant, as you will see in today’s story.

This week’s Friday Flash Fictioneer photo is courtesy of Roger Cohen. To read other stories,  or learn how to participate, visit our hostess, RenettaWisoff-Fields blog, http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ and click on the little blue InLinkz critter to find links other author’s blogs.

bass fiddle


“Any information on those two prisoners, Marshal?”

“Yeah, I just got a telegram from the Sheriff in Wichita. They’re known as Texas Red and Brown Bart.”

“Any serious crimes?”

“Naw, same as here, Festus. Switching sheet music when the piano player isn’t looking.”

“What kind of music, classical?”

“No, even worse—Jazz.”

Marshal Dillon faced the prisoners.

“Boys, you may get away with this kind of thing in New Orleans, but this is a western town and we listen to western music. If I catch you around here again we’ll string you up. Now, get the hell out of Dodge.”



27 thoughts on “CSI Dodge City

  1. GREAT story. Made me giggle. My mom loved James Arnes! Great memories watching Gunsmoke as a kid with her. Thanks for stirring those memories in my mind with your words. Well done. I wonder how many will actually know those names?


  2. From the pieces I’ve read so far today, seems like the fictioneers are mostly anti-musicians; even when they are pro-music. Your players need to learn to play without sheet music, Russell!


  3. I remember Marshall Dillon all too well, and not just because of watching him again on cable these days. He always shot a guy at the beginning of each episode; now we know that they were all musicians, if not actually instruments. Hard for cellos to get out of Dodge fast enough! Now, Russell, can we revisit Rawhide and Wagon Train in future posts too?


  4. “Boys, you may get away with this kind of thing in New Orleans, but this is a western town and we listen to western music.” picky note: “may” is correct, but i doubt this character would speak correctly. he’d probably say “might.” also, in this context, “western” would be capitalized because it refers to a specific location and not just in a westerly direction. forgetting all that picky crap, very well done. but i’m afraid i don’t know what “festus” is. help me out?


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