Life’s a Beach

If you’ve read any of my previous bursts of brilliance (or BS, if you prefer), you’re familiar with my penchant for weaving warped memories of  old TV shows, cartoons, and even (gasp) dramas into my weekly diatribe known as Friday Flash Fiction.  Well, once again I’m staying true to form.

Our unpaid sponsor, and the hostess with the mostest, is the lovely and talented, Rowena Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate, in this weekly exercise in madness,  visit her blog, after which, scroll down to the blue In links critter and follow the links other author’s blogs.

*To those of you kind enough to post a comment, I will be late in the weekend (translated in Russellese—Monday) responding.  I am booked in a Lean Manufacturing training program (No, this is not some type of diet) for two days this week and three and a half next.  Please pray for me!

This week’s photo prompt is courtesy of Renee Homan-Heath.


“Martha, I can’t believe you booked our vacation in the Bahamas.”

“Yes, beautiful isn’t it? A snow-white beach, blue skies, palms waving in the breeze. What a romantic way to spend our twenty-fifth anniversary.”

“It’s horrible! The sand burns my feet, the water is eighty-two degrees, and the waitress is late with my drink.  I thought we’d agreed on an Alaskan Cruise?”

“Look on the bright side, Tennessee—no polar bears. Just loosen up and have a good time.”

“Believe me, I’d take this tuxedo off if I could. How would I look in a Speedo?”

“Not a pretty image.”

Tennessee Tuxedo
Tennessee Tuxedo

21 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

    1. Thanks, Janet. I wanted to say it was a visually disturbing image, one that would burn an ugly hole in your consciousness, but the word limit wouldn’t allow. Glad you got the picture.


  1. I’m not familiar with the context, but the speedo’s reference is one with which I’m only too familiar. I take it they would have been electric blue, or maybe candy pink… Full marks for graphic content. 🙂


  2. Of course Tennessee would like the Alaskan Cruise… but, tell him, every time you leave the bar and look outside, it’s just one more pine tree covered island after another. Oh yes, re: the BS…


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