Police Artist

This week’s Friday Flash Fictioneer photo is courtesy of our hostess, the lovely and talented, Rajah Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate, in this weekly exercise in madness,  visit her blog, http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ To read more stories based on this prompt, click on the little blue InLinkz critter and follow the links other author’s blogs.

Tweety prompt

“Freleng, we have Mr. Sylvester on the phone. He’s going to give you a description of the suspect.”

“Got it, Chief. Good morning, Mr. Sylvester. My name is Friz. Let’s start with the shape of the suspect’s face and then add any distinguishing features.

Large, round head . . . good, good. Chubby cheeks, large blue eyes, tiny body, orange lips . . . got it. Huge feet, like a clown? And they’re orange too? What else? Appears to have jaundice—entire face and body is yellow.

Chief, here’s what I have so far.”

image courtesy of Wikipedia
image courtesy of Wikipedia

“Freleng, you’ll never make it as a police artist.”


17 thoughts on “Police Artist

  1. friz was my second favorite cartoon director behind chuck jones. friz was a master of physical comedy/slapstick. i like jones a touch better because of the witty dialogue and humor he added to bugs, tom and jerry, and others. well done.


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