Your keys, please

The photo below brought to mind the famous rhetorical question;

“If a man says something—and there’s no woman around to hear him—is he still wrong?”

Married with Children was a popular TV show about the time our children were entering puberty. I learned two important things from this program;

1.) How to sit on a couch with one hand stuck half-way into your pants

2.) How to whine the name P-e-e-e-g-g-g into a three syllable word.

In this week’s episode Kelly gets a job as a parking valet.

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Copyright - Roger Bultot
Copyright – Roger Bultot

“How was your first day at work, Pumpkin?”

“Oh, Daddy, I’m exhausted. This job is way harder than I thought it’d be.” Kelly tucked her blonde hair behind her ears and collapsed on the sofa.

“What happened?”

“First, we spent four hours in a classroom listening to some idiot ramble about customer service. He kept saying, ‘If you want good tips, do exactly what the customer tells you.’

Then, my first client stiffed me and started screaming at my boss. I don’t know why he was so mad.

He was the one who told me to park under a shade tree.”


33 thoughts on “Your keys, please

  1. I never watched that show, Russell, but I have always considered educational TV an oxymoron — yeah, an 8-sided idiot, but I suppose that would be an octamoron. Sorry I have not been around much. It’s been a summer themed Epic Malaise in Lame Adventures-land.


    1. I figured something was up. I check your site every so often to see if I’ve missed a post. When is Lame Adventures theme park scheduled to open? We might have to make a trip to NYC.


  2. Unreasonable customers abound, I’m afraid. I love the idea of a four hour training course for parking valets. Good job as ever, Russell, and your intro was just as funny as ever!


  3. Loved your introduction Russell, even if you hadn’t mentioned the name of the show, I think most people would have said, “I know that show…Married with Children” 🙂
    I didn’t think about the branch being on the ground, but knowing Kelly, I did figure it was most probably a low-down-on-the-tree branch. Having a branch simply fall from a tree is so boooring. You need a “Kelly” to make it interesting. Good going Russell, you never disappoint 😉


  4. Yes, this could be a scene from a TV sitcom where everybody walks on and sits on a sofa to say something – usually very loudly, like everybody is hard of hearing. Very funny, especially if you take the view that she has parked the car under a half-fallen tree. A point of grammar: I think you mean either ‘what the customers tell you’, or ‘what the customer tells you’.:)


  5. Russell, great overture to this piece; loved the Married with Children material! It took me a while to get the story itself though. When I finally did, it was funny, but somehow it needs a bit of rephrasing to be clearer. Or maybe I just need to be clearer. A very funny idea, however!


  6. Russell I loved Married With Children, although we were always a series behind the USA.This story made me smile because it was so true of the programme, thank you for a laugh to start my day


  7. Well, I loved Pumpkin’s “What? What’s the big deal?” attitude. There was a time when both my daughters would have said something like that! And just thinking of the Married with Children theme song reminds me of those days!

    And I’m voting “yes”.


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