Safety First

I was walking on a 4-wheeler trail in the woods the other day when, for no apparent reason, I pulled a muscle in the calf of my right leg.  There were no rocks in the path, the terrain was flat, even, and clear of obstacles.  The only reason I can think of is my body wanted to remind me what excruciating pain felt like. In the words of President Geo. Dubya Bush, “Mission accomplished!”

In hindsight, perhaps it was to remind me that I have two good legs and all of my other parts are in reasonably good working condition considering their age. Many people are not so blessed and I should not take my good health for granted—message received. 

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copyright - Kent Bonham
copyright – Kent Bonham

“Hey Dad, someone’s at the door.”

“I wish those Watch Tower people would find another castle to call on.”

“No, it’s the men in suits who were here last month.”

“Good morning Mister . . . I mean, Count . . . .”

“Never mind the formalities,” snarled the Count. “Vat do you vant?”

“Just a follow-up visit regarding handicap accessibility to the don-jon. At OSHA, we take these things seriously.”

“Very well. See for yourself.”

“And the torture chambers—have they been modified?”

“Yes, yes, the roller, cutters, rack, and kneading machine—all up to specification. No lumpy, half-baked employee can accuse Count Monte Crisco de Pillsbury of not making reasonable accommodations.”


33 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. Hi Russell,
    We need more vampire stories, so I was excited to see this. Right now, I’m only able to fill 23 hours a day with vampire TV, movies and books. I expect your story to become a vampire comedy sitcom sometime in the next week or so. Only a zombie story would have been more trendy. Ron


  2. After reading this post I suddenly got a craving for a crescent roll.

    I hope your sore calf muscle is healed now. I hate those out of nowhere pulls and strains, or in your case, on a 4-wheeler trail in the woods. That must have squashed the fun factor.


  3. Count Dracula, meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration! They’ll tie you up in red tape, which I know is your favorite kind of tape! An inspired idea, Russell, and there’s nothing wrong with another vampire or two in this day and age. It’s the Jewish vampires I’m sick of!


  4. Ve haf vays of bringing it all up to code. Great story, Russell, and many thanks for the laughs! I hope the Count serves up piping hot cinnamon buns to all his guests who make it up the handicap-accessible ramp.


  5. Hi, Russell, I forgot to update my Links and missed yours, so here I am. Those men in suits! Jehovah’s witnesses come by in suits. I once got ambushed by them, thinking they were from the Tax Office come to audit me. They nearly burnt me at the stake for being both a woman and a Jew!


  6. So glad OSHA’s on the ball (or the rack). Can’t think of anything worse than out-of-code torture apparatus! 🙂

    Loved meeting you this weekend. Thanks for taking the time to come up and say hello to all of us and it was great to meet your wife, too.



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