The Shallow End of the Gene Pool

Well, I made it back from my four-day sabbatical in the wilderness. Unlike Jesus, I didn’t fast for forty days, but I was tempted by the Devil. He showed up with some beer and started ragging me about all the poor, hard-working Americans at the brewery who count on me for a paycheck.

Then he quoted Babe Ruth and said, “If you don’t drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams will be shattered. It’s better for you to drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about your liver.” How can you argue with logic like that?

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, our emcee—beginning her third year as hostess with the mostest—is Alexis Trebeka Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise in madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the FFF  Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

*CJH WARNING – The post below contains crude, juvenile humor.

copyright - The Reclining Gentleman
copyright – The Reclining Gentleman

Arvel loved submarines. As a youngster, he used to lie on his back in the bathtub and holler, “Periscope up!”

He joined the navy right out middle-school, having completed each of the last three grades twice. Arvel had no problem treading water and could float like a piece of driftwood, even propelling himself along, providing his diet contained the optimum mixture of broccoli and beans.

The highlight of his military career came while stationed in New England. Arvel led a group of drunken sailors protesting higher beer taxes in what later became known as the famous Boston Pee Party.



41 thoughts on “The Shallow End of the Gene Pool

  1. Russell, thank you for making me smile – once again. Loved the juvenile humor! Also wondering how fast the Devil can move ’cause I swear he’s been at my house a couple of times (maybe after visiting Honie) saying, “Just finish that growler, there’s more beer at the store!” Cheers,


  2. Russell, Looks like Arvel was a natural for the navy. His parents must have been happy he finally fit in somewhere. Do parents ever pay a branch of the service to take a son? Hilarious. 😀 Well written as well. 🙂 — Susan


    1. I’m so flattered, I’m blushing like a glass of fine Merlot (okay, maybe cheap table wine). Thank you so much, Susan. Sales have been kind of slow. I appreciate all the help I can get.


  3. Dear Arvel,

    Caught my finger in the bread slicer yesterday and it’s hard to type. Although with the bandage it’s much easier to communicate. 😉

    As a sailor you’re truly an inspiration. Where was this story when Jan was recruiting for the Navy? Of course what he might not tell you is that one of the biggest hazards he faced in his early military career was falling off of bar stools.

    Glad you’re back. You left a hole in the Hollywood Squares.




  4. I’m glad Arvel found a career path suited to his talents. And he has leadership qualities, plus a sense of social justice. He’s rather examplary, I believe. This was a very funny story.


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