Born in a Barn

For those of you tuning in expecting to read a FFF post, I’m sitting out this week.

Rather than bore you with a hundred rambling excuses, I’ve prepared a little eye-candy for your viewing enjoyment. Here’s a copy of the Christmas card Connie and I are sending this year.

Feel free to leave a comment. I should be back in the saddle next week.


2016 Christmas front

2014 Christmas back


18 thoughts on “Born in a Barn

  1. I’m a little surprised the sign doesn’t read “It’s a Goy!” LOL Great reflections for the season–both timely and reverent as well as being humorous. Thanks for the laughs and the reminder concerning what this Christmas thing is all about.

    Peace be with you and yours this Christmas and throughout the year to come.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  2. Dear Mary and Joseph, and family, What a hoot – great picture of your family for sure. Thanks for including us in your list. I am helping Mike with Santa stuff, mostly shipping. Merry Christmas! Mike & Nan


  3. I love your Christmas card, Russell. Your family and friends are blessed indeed to receive one. May you and Connie be blessed this Christmas and throughout the new year.


  4. Oh, what fun…you thought I was going to break into song, didn’t you? Hahahaha
    Love the Christmas card, and the hens add a lovely touch to the manger scene. Blessings to you and your lovely bride. Merry Christmas!


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