Weekend at the Quilt Guild

Last Friday morning, I arrived at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs only to be greeted by this lovely sign on the marquee.

and what to my wandering eyes should appear . . .
and what to my wandering eyes should appear . .

Evidently, we were in for quite an adventure in travel as they had repeated the word twice. I imagined a band of Writing Quilters, or Quilting Writers, traversing the country in a Gypsy wagon peddling hand-bound stories in extra-softcover editions.

Actually, the correlation between writers and quilters is not so farfetched. Quilters stitch together blocks of fabric to form a beautiful piece of art that often carries a theme or serves as a reflective memoir of a special occasion. Writers piece together scenes to construct a story to entertain or enlighten the reader.

To get in the mood for this piece, I tried typing with thimbles on all eight fingers with my thumbs securely tucked inside the holes of a pair of scissors. I found this to be rather cumbersome, but clicking noise did remind me of an Irish Stepdance. So far, it’s done nothing to enhance the content.

I will not be posting a Friday Flash Fiction this week as I am bound for four days of outdoor recreational activities (yes, that means drinking beer) and will not have access to a computer or the web. Perhaps I’ll have a good story (that’s not too embarrassing) to tell upon my return.


11 thoughts on “Weekend at the Quilt Guild

    1. What rain? It’s been dry as a popcorn fart here.

      After reading your comment, I went over to Ms. Addicted to Purple’s site and saw the photo prompt, so it makes sense now. I guess I would have written about a flasher getting a cold shower based on this picture.


  1. I seem to have inadvertently, and quite uninvited, wandered into a non-FF space.
    My first thought is that the obvious link between ‘quilt’ and ‘guild’ is guilt.
    Are you a sufferer, Russ?
    Or do you leave the suffering to your readers, I wonder.
    So I wonder as I wander.
    I think that is the end of this comment.
    Oh, cheers, santé, slàinte, bottoms up, old bean!


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