Jingle Magic

Tomorrow, I have a couple of medical appointments. Dr. Connie has made arrangements for MRI scan of my brain. The last time they did this procedure, May of 2010, doctors discovered cave drawings of primitive hunters gorging themselves on buffalo fat laced with Cialis. Unfortunately, ancient man had no bath tubs, but the images did reveal males and females sitting next to each other in his & hers mud puddles.

Afterwards, I’m scheduled for a carotid ultrasound to see if there’s any blood getting to my brain. Many of you who are regular readers of this blog have often expressed concern about the inner working of my brain, or lack thereof. These tests will likely confirm your suspicions.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the Surgeon General who has issued a mental health warning regarding the post below is C. Evelyn Croup Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise of madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the fashionable hairstyles of the writers in FFF  Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

copyright - Jan Fields
copyright – Jan Fields


Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to The Jingle Writer. This week we’ll learn how to work “Jingle Magic” for products no one wants to buy, but everyone needs in their medicine cabinet.

Finding words that rhyme with the product name can be tricky. In those cases, focus on the intended benefits and add a cheerful melody.

If there’s poison in your soup

And it’s either die or puke

Grab a bottle, drink it fast

Sandra’s Syrup of Ip-e-cac

Here’s another example;

When lame humor stories

Become a pain in the behind

Insert a Block Suppository

And ease your troubled mind.

Today’s post sponsored by;

        Sandra’s Syrup of Ipecac ~ Sweet, yet extremely unsettling

        Block’s Suppositories ~ Tapered, for Fast Relief


41 thoughts on “Jingle Magic

  1. Dear Bo Jangles-My-Nerves.

    Will that Block Suppository be followed by a spoonful of Perry-Goric? I’m sure Sandra will be close to Up and Chuck as she reads.

    Best wishes to you and Dr. Connie in your upcoming scan. Hope they don’t find anything other than the sawdust we already know is there. Now I shall go ponder…why separate bathtubs?


    C. Evelyn Croup (C. Spot Poop?)


    1. Dear C. Evelyn (or C. Spot),
      You’re in top form today. You ought to be on the stage–I hear there’s one leaving in ten minutes. They’ve scanned my brain before and the doctors words were (and I quote), “Nothing to see here.” However, they do tend to get excited about the billing part as it should cover the payment for their beach house in Honduras. As for the separate tubs . . . I don’t get that either.

      Tunefully yours,
      Mr. Bo Jingles


  2. Thanks for the plug, Russell. Oh sorry, it was the syrup you attributed to me, not the other. Good luck with your up-coming brain searches. Maybe they’ll hit pay-dirt this time and mine the seam – it would be 18 carat humour that’s for sure.


    1. I thought I’d give you the clean end and let Perry do the dirty work, Sandra.

      The doctors have assured me that if there’s anything in there the size of a BB they can take a picture to prove its existence. Perhaps they should look lower. I’ve been told on some men it’s found below the waist.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hope all goes well with the brain scan, Russell. Just think how happy the doctors will be in their beach houses. Hilarious stuff. I have a feeling the cave men deserve more credit than we’ve given them for being the first to think of many things we believe we were the first to discover. 😀 — Suzanne


    1. In the first jingle, lines 1 & 2 rhyme and 3 & 4. In the second one, it’s 1 & 3 and 2 & 4. They sound a whole lot better when you add a bouncy melody.

      I survived the MRI and was told I should at least live past supper tonight. No luck finding my brain.


    1. So, what are you saying? You’re NOT going to buy Sandra’s Syrup of Ipecac or Perry’s Suppositories? They paid good money for these quality jingles, mister. Somebody needs to buy, buy, buy!


  4. Yes, Block’s Suppositories are tapered, all right. Very tapered. Very sleek. There,I got it in you when you weren’t even looking! Want to know what makes them work so well? Extract of Gerbil, my own secret recipe. You’re going to be on the toilet for the next couple of hours so make sure and take my blog in with you. No, you can’t use a blog as toilet paper! .


    1. Painless, and can be worn with Depends. If you see someone walking through the mall with a big smile on their face, you can bet their enjoying a Block Suppository while they shop.


  5. Personally, I’ve always wanted to take a mud bath. I think jingle is your middle name, Russell. So funny. Hope all goes well with the doc! Thinking good thoughts for you and your brain.


  6. Those jingles are prize-winning stuff. Sit back now and wait to be inundated with job offers from the advertising industry. Maybe the scans will discover the secret to your genius.


  7. Brilliant, I hope they leave your brain just the way it is. Perhaps, when you feel like a change you and Perry could entertain us with a double act, which will undoubtedly be hilarious.


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