Running of the Chickens

We have a wooden box with drawers in the garage that serves as a tool chest. The drawers in this cabinet are older than Perry Block (yes, trees had just been invented) and don’t slide freely. Saturday morning, I grasped the handles of the top drawer and gave a quick, hard yank. When I did, a mouse leaped toward me before escaping through a back entrance in the box.

Normally, I’m not frightened by small, gray, fuzzy creatures, but due to the element of surprise, I jumped and darn near marked my boxer-briefs right there on the spot. Evidently, my sudden appearance had a similar effect on the mouse, as I noticed numerous droppings in the drawer upon his departure. He probably thought I was from the Trump administration, come to deport him.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

copyright – Roger Bultot

Running of the Chickens

Spectators crowd onto second-story balconies to cheer on the daring competitors. Local TV crews jockey for position.

Piercing screams echo from the brick facades of ancient buildings while terror runs rampant down the narrow corridor. In its wake, the street is speckled with blood. Chicken feathers float like harmless snowflakes in the warm summer breeze.

“What was it like, running from chickens?” asks a reporter.

“Terrifying,” The combatant reveals the beak-marks on his neck and streaks of blood racing down the back of both legs. “I’ve never been more scared in all my life.”

“Would you do it again?”


*another excerpt from a short story in One Idiot Short of a Village.

76 Comments on “Running of the Chickens

    • I work in what is known as “Chickendale.” I’ve been lobbying for them to adopt this event, but so far they’ve not taken this business opportunity seriously.

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  1. We had a rat story like that at our house. My grandmother, who was babysitting us while my parents were on vacation, opened a drawer and out jumped a rat! Scared the bejeezus out of her! Thankfully, the folks arrived that same night…
    As for your chickens…. cluck, cluck!


    • I hate those big old nasty pack rats. I’ve seen some almost as big as a possum–and they have no fear. Poor Grandma. I bet you kids gave her enough grief without having to worry about a rat.

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      • That thing was huuuuuuge! I know because my dad put rat poison and the bloody thing chose my closet to die in!!


  2. Dear Foghorn Leghorn,

    You bring back memories. When Hy-Vee still had cash registers in their bakeries, I was a clerk. After ringing up a sale, the drawer shot out and a mouse leaped of it and scurried off before I had a chance to scream. (A bit like Rod Steiger in The Pawnbroker only faster).

    As for the chickens…I had a sudden flashback to Tippie Hedrin being chased and pecked by birds. One of the most chilling movies of all time.

    Fun playing Beat the Cluck with you.


    Minnie M.


    • Dear Minnie M.

      Is that why the donuts at Hy-Vee bakery always had those little black chunks in them that the store called as “poppy seed?” No extra charge, right?

      Chickens can be very cannibalistic. I used to have nightmares as a boy that I had fallen in the chicken house and couldn’t get up. I was trying to drag myself to the door, but the chickens were in full pursuit, pecking me every inch of the way.

      Looking for my Mouseketeer shirt,
      Foghorn Leghorn

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      • Dear Foghorn,

        My SIL and her husband (the jerk that got away) had a chicken farm for a while. They gave all the kids chicks (5 total) for Easter one year. We were the only ones zoned for chickens. We had them for a year. For months I never had to run my garbage disposal or buy an egg. Those were fertile eggs, too since one of those chicks was a rooster. I never knew that those first crowings sounded like a cat in season.
        Then Easter Sunday only one year later, the dog down the street decided he was going to celebrate by eating our chickens for breakfast.
        Perhaps this will one day show up in a flash fiction. 😉

        Shalom again,
        Minnie M


      • I find it interesting that the dog chose chicken for his Easter Sunday dinner. Obviously, not a christian dog as they typically eat ham on that holiday (and deviled eggs).

        I can easily imagine that scene appearing in a story, especially noting the dog’s religious preferences.


    • Could’ve been.
      There’s another scene in the same story that features the running of the boneless chickens. Actually, they slither rather than run, and this contest is only for children six and under.

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  3. I was concerned that I might lower the tone of your blog with my comment, but it seems that ship has long sailed.
    Anyway, I imagine your chickens wearing Stars n Stripes top hats and Cagney masks, all singing I’m a Cock-a-Doodle Dandy.
    PS Should it not be Mini M?


    • You’re right C.E., no worries about lowering the tone of this blog. Those who were offended by juvenile potty humor quit clicking the link long ago.

      Yes, those roosters were all strutting with their heads thrown back and their peckers thrust high in the air.

      Mini M would work, but she’s vertically challenged, she’s not to fond of short jokes.


  4. Not sure which is funnier, the preamble or the story. Always a wonderful laugh here. Enjoy the visit. 🙂 ❤


    • We have a bed race down Dickson St. in Fayetteville every year during Springfest. There’s even a cardboard boat race on lake Fayetteville every summer. But the one you really want to attend is Toad Suck Daze in Conway, AR.


  5. it was probably White Leghorn Roosters–they can be viscious (at least, seemed that way when I was 8 and had to collect the eggs!) Love the mouse story too 🙂


  6. Mel Brooks once said to Larry King that he want to do a parody of Jurassic Park and call it “Chassidic Park.” Giant chickens chasing people. Could work …


  7. Seems to me this story is clearly bull. Wacka wacka! And I’m still trying to unknow what kind of underwear you have! 😉 Clever and funny, as always dear sir.


    • I understand why you might be skeptical, but I got this story straight from Donald Trump, so that proves it’s true. Fox News is planning to cover the event next year. In fact, they even plan to incorporate it into the Miss Universe pageant.

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  8. Hilarious again, Russell. The mouse was probably relieved when he realized you weren’t from the national government. Anyone would be frightened by that. We used to live in a neighborhood near a cornfield. There were probably thousands of mice there. I was told by the exterminator we called that every house in that area had a mouse problem. He said the mice got into cars and ate the cables. Good thing it was just your toolbox. Good writing and all the best on your new book. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • Mice did eat the spark plug wires on one car we had. A mechanic told me that the rubber coating on the cables contained a chemical that tasted like chocolate to mice. I expect our new president will address our nation’s mouse problem soon enough.


  9. Even though I recently started following your blog, I never would have found this earlier post had I not just done a search for the keyword “chickens”. Why, you might ask, was I searching for blog posts about chickens? I ain’t saying. Just one more thing to add to my mystique.


    • I’m glad searched on “chickens.” I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of your posts too.
      This post is just a snippet of a much longer story which also outlines the important role chicken played in the Cuban missile crisis. That story and more will be included in my upcoming book, One Idiot Short of a Village. It will be released later this year.

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