Double Enigma

Here’s an enigma for you. How do words such as Common and Sense get paired? The implication is that your sense is at best average, or ordinary. What if you had Uncommon Sense, Inn Sense, or even Franken Sense? You might be better off having no Sense at all? In other words, Senseless.

What other word combinations can you think of? Since I have poor word recognition (hard of hearing), my Listening Ear Wife often translates inaudible sentences to me by screaming at the top of her lungs (as opposed to from the soles of her feet). I bet you can think of plenty more.

If this is your first visit to Friday Flash Fiction, the meter maid who writes speeding tickets to those exceeding the 100 word limit is Lovely Rita Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate in this weekly exercise in madness, head over to her blog for instructions. To rent a box in the  FFF Hollywood Squares Authors Block, click here.


copyright – Liz Young

Detective Lowry took a drag off his cigarette and studied the scene. Since solving the invisible box caper his phone had rang non-stop. He’d investigated decapitations before, but none this gruesome.

The how and why were obvious. But who?

The Heineken bottle, cigarette box, and mattress batting were obvious plants. The list of possible suspects ranged from O.J. Simpson, to Jamie Farr, to Rin Tin Tin.

Lowry turned to his assistant, Dr. Blockson. “What’d ya think, Cyrano?”

“I’d say the perp was an amateur. He’ll trip himself soon enough. After all, how many people out there are wearing Michael Jackson’s nose?”


64 thoughts on “Double Enigma

  1. Dear Cyrano,

    There’s a not so old that goes, “If sense was common, we’d all have some.”

    As for Michael Jackson’s nose, I’d check with his plastic surgeon. I’m sure he has it in a Gerber jar somewhere. What was left would’ve fit in a shot glass. (Poor guy was such a cutie at one time.)

    Well, I’ll not stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. Carry on with your schnozzola investigation.


    Lovely Rita (Otherwise known this week as the Purple-Haired Pygmy).


    1. Dear Lovely Rita,

      Talk about word pairings, Purple-haired Pygmy fits together like a hand in a glove.

      As for stolen noses, Uncle Moe snatched mine between his index and middle fingers when I was three. It was about the size and shape of a sweet potato and people were making snide remarks about my DNA and possible kinship to Jimmy Durante or W.C. Fields.

      The investigation is going well. Detective Lowry has all the possible suspects lined in the Hollywood Squares Authors Block. We are leaving no nose unturned. If the damned thing’s in a thimble we’ll find it.

      Best regards,
      Dr. Cyrano Blockson


    1. Thanks, Iain. It’s good to bring Detective Lowry back from time to time. He maybe be scanning the FFF Hollywood Authors Square right now. If I were you, I’d keep my nose clean. You don’t want to get on the suspects list.

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  2. If it were Jamie Farr’s nose, everyone would suffocate since it would take up all the surrounding air.

    Five out of five Elvis’s turning over in his grave (I wondered what that sound was coming out of Graceland back in the 90’s …)


    1. Rumor has it they added Jamie Farr to the cast of M.A.S.H. so they could use his nose as a parking garage.

      Poor Elvis. Sort of a whirling noise, I imagine. Like a three-speed fan on high.


      1. I got to talk with Jamie Farr when he was a guest on our noon show. He told me that, in those days, he had a thirteen-year contract at Fox which was longer than Shirley Temple had.
        I said, “Did you get to wear any of her clothes?”
        He laughed and said, “No, hers were a bit small. Mine were Alice Faye and Betty Grable!”
        Good times.


  3. Heck, Russell, I think the solution is as plain as the nose in your face.
    The dim but comical sidekick dunnit!
    He is clearly living under an assumed name to conceal his snail-eating roots.
    And anyone who does that is certainly a disreputable scoundrel.
    And perhaps a handsome rogue.
    CE Ayr (allegedly)


    1. Dr. Blockson is far from handsome, but standing under his nose does provide shelter from the rain. I hear he has a huge appetite for road-kill as well. He is a little slow-witted, but Lowry has always had a soft spot for dim burning bulbs.


  4. A sad place to end up, Michael and our victim here. But man, that’s some detective; the clues aren’t so obvious to this clueless gal. Oh, those word pairings… why have a whine pairing when you can have a Marga Rita? 😉


    1. Millions were envious of Michael’s artificial nose, so it’s not surprising that someone would want to steal it. Right now, you’re not on the suspect list, but beware, Lowry will keep checking your Facebook posts to see if the nose shows up on your site.

      I do love your pairing of Marga and Rita. In fact, I’ll drink to that.

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  5. I guess the guy will get caught soon, as he can’t scent those on his trail with that tiny nose of his. So sad that Michael Jackson felt compelled to turn himself into a ghoul-look alike version of a white man. I remember seeing him for the first time, the cute little one in the Jackson Five, all bouncy and sunny. He was so talented. I guess he was pushed too hard, too young, and was robbed of his childhood. Whatever his appearance, he was so very talented throughout his too short life.

    Well told. The tale was great fun, so forget that I’m having a serious moment about Michael Jackson.


    1. Michael was a talented young man. I always thought it was a shame he felt the need to transform his nose. It must have been horrible growing up with your every word and action thrust in the limelight.

      Glad you enjoyed my lighthearted approach to nose thievery.

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