Mussel Shells

This week’s entry is an excerpt from my short story, “Lost at Peter Bottom,” which has been selected by Tales From the South for their September 18thshow at Starving Artist Café  in North Little Rock, AR.  This may not have the level of humor you’re used to from me, but it fit well with the prompt and gave me a chance to toot my own horn at the same time.                                      
Photo by Susan Wenzel.
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 Mussel Shells
There were rocks to skip and mussel shells to scoop sand from the water’s edge. Why did I ever leave the safety and security of such an oasis?
The answer is simple. Greed.
This was a fishing trip. The primary goal when fishing is to catch fish. We had worked this hole quite a while with no success. I tried various types of bait, often leaving them in the same spot for an eternity of two whole minutes without getting so much as a nibble. Frustration mounted with each passing moment.  The length of my patience could be measured against the point of a hook—with plenty of room to spare.


15 thoughts on “Mussel Shells

  1. Congratulations, Russell. I can't wait to hear your reading. This is a great excerpt and I especially like the last line — fantastic!And thank you for your suggestion on my poem, too.–Jan


  2. Congrats on your upcoming reading! Good luck and have fun.I enjoyed your excerpt and laughed about the line "the primary goal of fishing is to catch a fish." Loved your last line, too.I haven't written one yet. Waiting for inspiration as we pack to leave for a few days.


  3. Well, hot dog! Congratulations. That is good news. Will we be privy to the finished piece? (I taste more than a little but of Old Man and the Sea…great job!)~Susan (Now…write a mermaid bra story! haha)


  4. Hey…not fair. It ended so abruptly. I want more. Good luck with the reading. Will you share "Lost at Peter Bottom" with us sometime in the near future? Tks for visiting mine.


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