Running of the Spiders

I struggled to find anything funny in this week’s photo, so I went with my first impression. It’s a mix of Alfred Hitchcock and Mel Brooks. It won’t make you spew coffee through your nose, but you might look over your shoulder. I’ll be attending Ozark Creative Writers conference in Eureka Springs this weekend learning how to be creative, so I won’t be responding or visiting blogs until Sunday & Monday. Ya’ll keep me in your prayers.

This week’s photo is courtesy of Jan Morrill.

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Running of the Spiders

Lucinda had always been afraid of spiders. Therapists suggested a variety of treatments including hypnosis. Nothing worked. The only way to overcome arachnophobia was to face her fear.

The streets of Pamplona were empty the day before its lesser-known festival. Lucinda thought it wise to familiarize herself with the course prior to the event.

The white stucco wall bore evidence of past participants attempting to escape the terror. Broken fingernails and dried blood stains littered her path.

 Something moved behind her. A cold shiver raced down her spine. A lone gossamer strand trembled in the breeze.


“Tomorrow, Lucinda,” it whispered.


26 thoughts on “Running of the Spiders

  1. Really creepy. I don’t like spiders. They make my skin crawl from the inside out. Although given the choice between the eight legged crawly thing and the four legged bully thing, I think I’ll just duck into a corner with a bag over my head. Good writing, Russell, but did I expect anything less? Have fun at OCW.


  2. Blessings on and fun at your conference. Love the “lone gossamer thread.” After reading the title, I was expecting a whole “herd” of spiders headed her way…but I guess that doesn’t happen until the official race. 🙂


  3. Well, I clicked like, but I didn’t really! My only phobia is pointy legged spiders. Well done, but I am gonna cringe and hope I don’t have a spider dream tonight. The last time I did my hubby got kicked in the head as I vaulted out of bed! You did a great job of putting me in the scene and creeping me out.


  4. Hi Russell,
    Spiders have eight legs, humans only two, so i don’t see that as a fair race. We host a running of the cockroaches, every time the liights are turned on. Have fun in Eureka but remember, that big old Jesus is watching. Ron


  5. If the prospect of being in that narrow alleyway filled with hyped-up spiders didn’t finish her off, actual attendance at the “lesser-known festival” would surely do the job. At least she’d be cured of her arachnophobia


  6. I don’t have any coffee handy, but you did provoke a spurt of laughter! Ah yes, the famous Running of the Spiders. And unlike those poor bulls, I guess the spiders could work together to herd the silly humans into prebuilt webs – definitely a thread of Hitchcock in this.


  7. I see nothing funny about this. Nothing Brooksian at all. Why did it have to be spiders? Although, when it comes down to it I’m not too comfortable with cockroaches either. Couldn’t you have left it at bulls?


  8. Dear Russell,

    You don’t need to go to the conference to learn to be creative. This story was one of your best and had I been drinking coffee, i would have spewed it all over my computer screen.

    Smiling devilishly at the thought of what Lucinda will face on the morrow.




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