Triple F Carpentry

One of the stories I currently have under construction is entitled “Triple F.”  Brian and Julie Snyder have a massive water leak and need a plumber—immediately. The good news is there’s a company nearby who can respond to their emergency. The bad new is its Triple F Plumbing.

If you look below the logo on their truck you’ll find the motto, “We’re slow, but we’re expensive.”

 After seeing this week’s photo prompt, the Triple F crew, Frank, Fido, and Phil, jumped at the opportunity to expand their home repair business by showing off their carpentry skills.

Our construction superintendant, and the person in charge of issuing building permits for Friday Flash Fiction, is Chief Inspector Rosanna Anna Danna Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate, in this weekly exercise in madness, visit her blog, after which, scroll down to the blue In links critter and follow the links to other author’s blogs.

copyright Janet Webb
copyright Janet Webb

Fido was exhausted. “Hey Phil, can we rest a minute after this next board?”

“I guess so. It’s been almost twenty minutes since our last break. Where’s Frank?”

“He’s stretched out under the porch. Been asleep for the last two hours.”

“Well, that’s better than drooling all over the homeowner’s wife—like he did yesterday.”

“She didn’t seem to mind. I think she liked the attention.”

“This plank looks a little short. Hand me those board stretchers, will ya?”

“What’s next, after we finish remodeling the house, Phil?”

“Tear down that ugly picket fence and build one that matches the place.”

*Frank is a yellow lab.



40 thoughts on “Triple F Carpentry

  1. Dear Rastas,
    I’m guessing Frank would do a better job of carpentry than Fido and Phil. What’s their number so I can blot it out of my Rolodex. Funny stuff. Thanks for the morning yukkles as I watch my yard disappear under a solid sheet of whiteness.
    Rosanna Anna Danna


  2. Finally some comedy. I have seen so much death witht his prompt I wondered if i had missed somethin gin the instructions. I would welcome Frank, but the other “F”ellows would need to stay at home.


    1. Thank you, Joe. I can’t write, spooky, scary, supernatural, mystery, romance, or any other good stuff that makes people ponder mysteries of the universe. I’m more confortable in the realm of silly, stupid, asinine,ridiculous, etc.


  3. Sounds like every team of workmen I’ve ever had in my home, apart from the dog. I could have forgiven them everything if they’d brought a yellow lab. Nicely done, always makes me smile.


  4. Russell, you and the Queen of This Blog make me laugh SO hard. That story made me laugh even HARDER! You are the BEST in comedy relief. SO enjoyable!


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