The Pickpocket

Happy VD and welcome to this week’s installment of Friday Flash Fiction.  Our travel guide is the lovely and talented, Ralphie Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate, in this weekly exercise in madness, visit her blog, after which, scroll down to the blue In links critter and follow the links to other author’s blogs.

David Stewart photo

“That was my husband. The Greatest Thief of All-Time.”

“Why does his statue lean so far to one side?”

“Political adversaries labeled him a left wing extremist, when in fact he showed no party loyalty. He proposed higher taxes on the rich, the poor, the elderly, non-profit groups, small businesses, large corporations, internet sales, and children’s lemonade stands.”

“Wow, no wonder they erected a monument in his honor.”

“He was re-elected six times, but always claimed his greatest achievement was the caper he pulled on February 14, 1974.”

“What happened then?”

“That was the day he stole my heart.”



18 thoughts on “The Pickpocket

  1. that last line should be followed by “badum bumm – tisshhh.” well done.

    this line: “He was re-elected six times, but always claimed his…” no comma needed after “times,” but of course you’re free to do as you see fit.


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