My First Date

Welcome to another installment of Friday Flash Fiction.  This week’s thrilling episode is the work of guest blogger, Rachel Crofton, the internationally published author and creator of The Food Triangle, the critically acclaimed and scientifically balanced approach to weight loss.

Thank you. ~ When Russell came crawling on his elbows and knees, begging me to fill in for him, I knew something was up. He’d seen the Award Winning photo from Beth Carter (one of my favorite authors) and was having a brain fart. The old cuss started opening closet doors and drug out the skeleton of Delbert Leroy Watson (known as Junior), the first boy I went on a “real” date with. Sure, I’d held hands and claimed to be “going with” a boy or two, but had never been alone with one in his own car. Daddy wouldn’t let me date until I was fifteen. By then, the best of the crop had been picked over.  Junior was beanpole with greasy hair and a buck-tooth grin. But he had a car and ten bucks. That was all I needed to know.

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copyright Beth Carter
copyright Beth Carter

After a thirty-point inspection by my father, Junior escorted me to his car.

“It’s a convertible.” He grinned. “I made it myself.”

“Yes, it’s very . . . unique.”

We rumbled up College Avenue to the 71 Drive-In. The old lady in the ticket booth peered over her glasses and smacked her gum. “Five dollars,” she barked.

Junior bought popcorn, cokes, and some Dentyne. Half way through the movie Mr. Cinnamon Breath leaned over and kissed my cheek. I squirmed in the boat seat.

“These seats recline. We could lay down.”

I smiled. “Oops.” My icy coke flooded his lap.


44 thoughts on “My First Date

  1. If only I’d had the cool car and moves of Junior when I was young. If only I had them now! Although I’d hope something other than icy coke would be flooding my lap. A nice little American Graffiti type story, sure to please at least one of your two fans.


  2. Well, well Russell (I mean Rachel). I can’t believe an internationally known author knows who the heck I am!! I got so excited at first and then decided you just have multiple personality disorder.

    Back to your story. Love it. Especially liked the character’s name–Junior–and the 30-point inspection from her father. Classic. And what a way to difuse the situation and send a clear (okay, cold, dark Coke) message.

    I’ll definitely print this out to share with the owner once I determine who he is.


    1. thanks, Beth. I hope you had time to click on and read “The Food Triangle.” I’m surprised Rachel hasn’t been invited on the daytime TV talk shows to discuss the benefits of that program. If that happens, I may have to ask you to fill in for me on Dr. Oz


      1. Full admission. I googled Rachel! Lol. There is one on Facebook who has a potty mouth. You had me worried for awhile. I’ll be happy to fill in for you/her on Dr. Oz but the docs on “The Doctors” are cuter. Can you get Rachel on that show instead?


      2. Yeah, one of the girls I work with Googled Rachel too. I hope that potty-mouthed one doesn’t tarnish our image. If the cute doctors call, I’ll send you an email.


  3. Dear Junior,
    I think the intro was a sneaky way to wedge in two stories. Certainly glad you had a guest writer this week. I was really tired of you-know-who’s stories.
    I’d say it was Coca Cola put to good use.


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