Distasteful Voyage

One of the first movies I watched in a theater was Fantastic Voyage, the 1966 sci-fi film in which a submarine and crew of scientists were shrank to microscopic size and injected into a neck artery for the purpose of destroying a blood clot. The special effects were primitive by today’s standards, but to an eleven year old boy who made poor grades in science, they were terrifyingly realistic.

When I saw this week’s photo prompt from Jennifer Pendergast, I knew it was time to transport my readers forward in time for a similar excursion inside the human body. If you are new to Friday Flash Fictions, the mad scientist in charge of the program is the ever-vigilant Dr.  Ruthenstein Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate, in this weekly exercise in madness, visit her blog, http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ after which, scroll down to the blue In links critter and follow the links to other author’s blogs.

copyright Jennifer Pendergast
copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Captain’s log, June 14, 2025. The HMO Penetralia, has been dispatched to an asteroid galaxy directly above Uranus. In preparation of our arrival, Central Command directed a unit from the GoLytely division to flush the area of foreign debris.

Our orders are to engage and destroy all alien life-forms attempting to create settlements within the region. Thus far, we have only encountered token resistance from scattered, nomadic Polyps.

The ship stops unexpectedly.

“Captain to engine room. MacIlroy, what’s going on down there? We need more power.”

 “Apparently Captain,” said Mr. Block, “we are in the clutches of a giant tapeworm.”


29 thoughts on “Distasteful Voyage

  1. This is great. I like how you worked in the other Fictioneers’ names in here, that’s really nice. Great little story, very entertaining.


  2. Dear Dr. Golytely,
    This has got to IMHO be one of your best. Beats a high colonic (Not a Jewish holiday). My own visitation from HMO Penetralia isn’t all that far behind me. I’m flushed and giddy with laughter.
    Dr. Ruthenstein


  3. I too remember seeing that move in the theatre. We sat in almost the front row. Wow!

    Sounds like you have the right captain, but is it like captain Kirk of startrek who gets his shirt ripped up ever show ?


  4. Block, who always needs more power at his age, speaking here from the engine room: “We are prepared to penetrate Uranus, sir, as soon as we get a look at which constellation Uranus is a part of. If it’s Andromeda or Cassiopeia, that’ll be terrific! But if it’s some big smelly animal or sweaty old god, get yourself another boy! As for the giant tapeworm, you kill it! I’m going to go hit the holodeck ….


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