Strange Brew

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the weekend attending the Ozarks Creative Writers conference in Eureka Springs, AR. The conference featured several great speakers including Kevin Brockmeier, considered one of the best young authors in the south today.

To read an excellent recap of this event visit Staci Troilo’s site.

Every year they have a “surprise contest” that they announce during the opening remarks. The theme for this year’s contest was Witches Brew and the rules were the flash fiction story (100 words or less) must include the words “rainbow” and “pogo stick.”

Here is my entry, which happened to bring home 1st prize and $25 cash (which incidently was just enough to cover our tab at the cash bar before the banquet).

image from
image from


“Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.” Brunhilda leaned toward the TV camera and flashed a picket-fence smile.

“Today, we’re cooking up something special for adult trick or treaters. I call it, Rainbow Amore’.” She let out a high-pitch cackle, her body bounced with laughter as if she were riding a pogo stick.

“And now for the secret ingredient.” She winked at the camera, plucked a couple hairs from her armpit, and sprinkled them into the boiling cauldron.

The studio audience groaned a collective, “Yuuuk!”

“Just a couple of sips,” said Brunhilda, “and you’ll become a best selling romance novelist.”






12 thoughts on “Strange Brew

      1. He told us he does have a Facebook page, and if he has a web site or blog, I couldn’t find it. That’s very unusual for someone who is successful as a writer.


  1. Yay, Russell! Terrific win and terrifying story right from the start when you mention Martha Stewart. With a picket fence smile and a couple of hairs under her armpit, Brunhilda sounds like the girl for me. May I have an introduction, please?

    And congratulations again!


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