It’s Break Time!

I love the way news people sensationalize every little tidbit that comes across their desk. They work hard to convince us the new middle-school Assistant Principal’s hangnail is a catastrophe of epic proportions.  The school Superintendent has issued a lock-down, a SWAT Team is on the way, and the on-the-scene reporter is interviewing everyone from the lunch lady to the flag pole.   If you don’t believe me just read this report –  Alarmist Weather at 6:00.

Well, I’m not going to try and scare you any worse than you already are. I’ll save that for when I post the rough drafts of my upcoming book cover. That post will come out Sunday evening or Monday morning. Be forewarned, each option has a picture of me on the cover so be sure to take your medication before scrolling down the page.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the terminally beautiful news anchor who will escort you through  the maze of “Late Breaking” and “This just in” stories is the vivacious Esmeralda Wisoff-Fields.  If you’d like to participate in this exercise in madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the FFF  Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

copyright - Claire Fuller
copyright – Claire Fuller

NORTH POLE – For centuries toy factory workers at the North Pole have been laboring in abominable conditions. In December 2013 AFL-CIO officials visited the plant and by a vote of 472 to 5 (with 2 abstaining) the workers voted to unionize.  

Through collective bargaining, the union convinced their employer, Kristopher J. Kringle, to move production to a warmer climate. The terms of the agreement allowed the union to select the location as long as it was in a secluded, mountainous area.

There was one other demand.

Employees at the new Colorado facility must be given smoke breaks every two hours.



34 thoughts on “It’s Break Time!

  1. Russell, GOOD JOB! Funny, you are so very clever. I enjoyed the humor in this so much, maybe someone from the union needs to pay a visit to the North Pole – who knows they may need something else too! LOVE IT! Nan


  2. Dear Kris,

    Well that explains why those elves are so short. All that smoking stunted their growth. Careful though, with the shift in weather patterns, it’s liable to be a balmy 85 at the North Pole and 6 below in Colorado. So let the little munchkins freeze their noogies off on those breaks.




  3. What are we smoking, Russell? . . . in Colorado?

    … (For those who do not live in the USA, the State of Colorado just passed a law allowing smoking of marijuana.)


  4. Santa must be spitting chips! It’s not as if Mrs Clause doesn’t provide the elves with sufficient snacks and eggnog, why would they want smokes? I’m sure these unionists are working for the tobacco industry and are getting a kickback. Esmerelda needs to do a full exposé on this.


  5. Now I know why my battery-operated martini mixer has a high-powered food-processor blade instead of a slow-motion stirrer. What say we all help with sleigh-packing this year–


  6. Well I’m glad Kristopher J. Kringle finally got called out on his shameless exploitations of child labor (elves . . . yeah you just keep telling yourself that, Kristopher! And now we know what’s in his pipe too and why he’s so pudgy . . .


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