Mount Acne

I hurt my heel last weekend and have been limping around like a one-legged boss at a butt kickin’ contest.  My co-workers have enjoyed mocking me by dragging one leg as they hobble down the hall toward the break room. When I accepted this position, I had no idea the amount of abuse a plant manager is expected to suffer just to keep the rest of the team happy and entertained.

If you happen to be in Northwest Arkansas this Saturday be sure and swing by the FREE  (my favorite four-letter word) conference hosted and sponsored by the NWA Writer’ Workshop.  Registration starts around 8am and the event gets underway at 9. Some great speakers are lined up to talk about editing, publishing, and promoting your work. Rumor has it that there will also be a special guest in attendance from the Kansas City area.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the gypsy minstrel in banging the tambourine is Madame CurlylocksWisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise in madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the FFF  Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

copyright - Danny Bowman
copyright – Danny Bowman

Johnny ruled with an iron fist. He was a henpecked husband who couldn’t buy a candy bar without his wife’s approval. When he was promoted to foreman down at the plant he was elated. For the first time in his entire life he had authority. People would have to listen to him—or else.

“Johnny sure has a lot of flat tires,” said Bob, rolling a roofing tack between his finger and thumb.

“Yeah,” said Ryan, “Bad luck seems to follow Mr. High and Mighty.”

“Someday he’ll explode.” Bob smiled. “Like a pimple on the butt-cheek of life.”


Be sure and tune in to this blog Monday when I will post the amazing secrets of How Wussell Writes! 



49 thoughts on “Mount Acne

  1. I had no idea that hard asses can grow zits. No wonder I’m drawn to your site like a pigeon to pizza for its enlightening factor.

    Have fun at the conference. It sounds like it could be a great place to network and shill your upcoming humor tome. Dragging your sore heel could be an attention-getter, too. Some years ago, my sister broke her heel when she fell through the attic into the living room. At least your injury does not require you to wear one of those big boots and use crutches. That would draw attention to you in an even worse way.


    1. I’ll even pose like a statue (holding a pizza) if it’ll get me some attention. I’m trying to get people to follow me down the hall as we sing, “Walk This Way”


  2. Sorry to hear about your injured heel. I’m sure your co-workers are counting on your great sense of humor to take their teasing in the right way. I would love to attend that writer’s workshop but I don’t think I can make it from India to there in time.

    I hope Johnny’s fellow workers aren’t really violent and the explosion will be his car blowing up. Poor man. It seems power has gone to his head now he has a little. He needs to attend a foreman’s workshop.


  3. Russell, do you have a special type of water you drink before writing? I can never understand how you manage to think up these little gems week after week. Madame Curlylocks will be delighted 🙂


  4. Hope your heel is better. Don’t they know how dangerous you are with a pen (or keyboard)? Madame Curlylocks–that was a good one, but you always come up with something clever. Is your story biographical? First it was you being picked on by coworkers, and then Johnny turns up…


    1. Actually, a guy named Johnny once confessed to me that he put roofing tacks under the tires of an oppressive supervisor at least once a month–so that much IS true.


  5. Hope your heel heals soon! (I’m sorry, I suck at being funny when it comes to puns). Your last line was pretty graphic and yet so spot-on. I don’t know whether to feel bad for Johnny or make fun of him too!


  6. Dear Johnny,

    It’s those henpecked bosses you have to look out for. They’re the worst. As for your last line…I’m so traumatized I’m going to go bathe myself in Clearasil.
    Sorry about your heel. Will you be on crutches then at the conference. .I’ll try not to stare. It’s not nice to make fun of the impaired…nor is it politically correct. Special guest from Kansas City? Wow! Can’t wait.


    Mme Curly


  7. Sorry about your heel, just glad you aren’t being one, at least that I know about. Should I check with your wife? Safe travels to the conference and have a great time. “Free” is one of my favorite four-letter words, too, and certainly ranks up in the heavens compared to that other f-word. (I know you’ll probably respond with a number of other f-words, but I’m ready for that.) My favorite b-word, four letters also, is “book.”



  8. LOL Russell! First of all, you need to wear a t-shirt with ” I’m just a pimple on the butt cheek of life” to the writer’s conference and tell them that’s the title of your next book. If that doesn’t get you a book deal nothing will — it probably would to exaggerate the limp as well.


  9. A pimple on the butt check of life – that would be a great T-shirt. You could wear that and drag around your leg at the conference. You’re bound to turn a few heads!! Good luck at the conference.


  10. Wow, that was a stretch to get to the picture, but it worked. After I wrote about shit last week, you write about butt checks and actually transform the picture into a living butt before our eyes! Here, here! Hope you are feeling better.


      1. I think the deeper, sadder part is how out of touch some people can be… I know you were not digging that deep, Russell; it’s one of the things I enjoy in your stories: humor. But that element hit me: how very out of touch he was.


  11. Well there is a cost for taking your frustrations out on co-workers. Wonder what henpecked husband Johnny does at home to relieve his tensions with his wife? The last line felt personal-woke up with a pimple smack on my nose. Hmmm wonder how I am relating to the bosses?


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