We’re Gettin’ Close

I won’t be particpating in Friday Flash Fiction this week, so I’m hoping someone will pick up the slack and come up with a creative name for Ms. You-know-Who.

Pen-L Publishing sent me a proof copy of The Perils of Heavy Thinking to review and edit. This has caused me to perform more heavy thinking than I’m used to.  We’ve decided to start with a Special Author’s Edition (SAE -sounds like motor oil, doesn’t it?) which means the standard edition (for Amazon release) will be delayed until August. However, those of you who are interested in purchasing one directly from the author will be able to do so in April.

Thanks to all of you who voted on the cover. Here is the latest draft.

Book Cover1

Last Sunday evening, I had the honor of appearing on Tales From the South for the third time.   Here’s the link to the Stitcher podcast if you’d like to listen. I was the second reader, so my story, What Happens in New Orleans, starts about a third of the way into the broadcast.



20 thoughts on “We’re Gettin’ Close

  1. Dear Russell,

    Heavy thinking’s got you on cloud nine though, right? Fantastic job. I’m looking forward to having my copy signed by the author this summer. Congratulations.




  2. Hey Russell, combining the two covers and taking the clothespin out of your mouth seems to be the winning combination to me. Placing the line “A collection of selected shorts” over the underwear makes much more sense, too. It must be a good feeling to finally see the finish line on your opus. You gave good reading n the podcast. I’ll remember to give poor Robert the stink eye if I were ever to meet him!


  3. I hate to be the one to break it to everyone, but this Gayer character is certifiable. He even thinks he’s Dave Barry’s Idol – wait a minute, he is Dave Barry’s Idol. I was there when Dave declared him so. He’s still crazy, Russell that is, Dave Barry notwithstanding!


  4. Russell, Mike & I are so proud of you! You make me laugh all the way from La Crosse to Red Wing, Minnesota! Funny – can’t wait to read your book! CONGRATULATIONS and great cover! Nan 🙂 and Mike 🙂


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