Shotgun Lightning

Am I the only who has noticed the reverse correlation between the lack of Bigfoot and UFO photos and the number of cellphones in the world? Just a few decades ago, you couldn’t walk past a supermarket check-out aisle without seeing a blurry photos of an eight-foot tall, hairy woodland creature, or saucer-shaped, spacecraft hovering over a shack outside LaGrange, Texas.

Back in those day, only weirdos ran around with cameras in their pockets and the odds of getting a picture of Bigfoot flipping someone off, or an alien politely returning a mother-in-law after an accidental abduction were at least two billion to one. Now that we’re all camera carrying weirdos, these creatures have become shy. What’s up with that? Did they suddenly develop stage fright?

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copyright - Vijaya Sundaram
copyright – Vijaya Sundaram

“Hey, Thor. What’s with all the thunder and weird lightning?”

“It’s the anniversary of Perry Block’s birthday?”

“You mean THE Perry Block? Unmentioned son of Abraham, the first Hebrew HR Director under Joseph in Egypt?”

“Yep, that’s the guy?”

“How old is he?”

“No one really knows. He stopped counting at thirty-nine, and after that every year is just an anniversary.”

“Where is he? You’d think he’d be out here for the party.”

“Says he’s embarrassed by all the adulation. You know how humble and shy he is.”

“That’s too bad. Shotgun lightning only happens once every ten thousand years.”

33 Comments on “Shotgun Lightning

  1. You may be onto something here with Bigfoot and the Aliens. I have a feeling they’ll show up in time to vote. Have a lovely day, Russell!


    • I hear Trump gets along well with Bigfoot. After all, they are a bunch of squatters with mean, ugly scowls who refuse to show their tax returns.

      As for the extraterrestrials, they are obviously Liberals and losers. He’ll build an invisible force field over the U.S. to keep them out.

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  2. Dear Bigfoot,

    It has been a while since I’ve seen your picture at the checkout. But then I was too busy checking my weather app on my Smart Phone. I’d heard a rumor that it was Perry’s birthday. Mine is Sunday…no cake please. I remember when Jack Benny claimed to be 39 and I thought that was old. Now I have photos that are older than that…and I snapped them. 😯 Oy.

    Happy Thursday and Shalom,

    Linda Eastman McCartney (And didn’t we all want him in the 60’s?)


    • Dear L.E.M.,

      The Ancient One’s birthday is not until the 12th, but at his age, just waking up is reason to celebrate.

      The reason you haven’t seen my photo in the tabloids lately is I’m very picky about the camera angle. Those cellphone shots tend to make me look fat (or fatter), and then there’s the matter of my hair. The worst one was when the paparazzi caught me trying on shoes. How embarrassing!

      Happy Birthday (I’ll have cake on your behalf)


  3. I was wondering if Bigfoot’s last name outside the shack outside Lagrange was Gibbons.

    Oh well, if Perry can’t get up out of his chair to read this, it’s only because the Phillips Milk Of Amnesia hasn’t kicked in properly.

    Five out of five chocolated Ex-Laxs.


    • Well, at least someone with a cellphone got a photo for you to see.
      Bigfoot should set his sights higher. I’d recommend getting a selfie with a mermaid.


  4. Well, I am coming out for the party just to see what kind of party Thor throws compared to Oogle Bu, god of the Neanderthals. Now those were parties! Particularly when a hot Neanderthal babe grabbed me by the hair, dragged me to her cave, and then had me thoroughly vacuum it. I’m especially interested in seeing what Thor can do with parties because his name sounds somewhat like a feeling I’ve frequently experienced ever since I was 14. Yes, I’m humble about coming to the party but I understand that Russell Gayer will be there so how can I not? He owes me 200 bucks!


    • What a surprise! Is this your first time out since your bar mitzvah?

      Sorry about the $200. We spent it all on party favors. I hope you like circus peanuts.


  5. The meremaid took the words right off my keyboard: Bigfoot and the Aliens should make selfies. Maybe someone has old smartphones to spare and leaves them around with a note? I wish you all fun with the party. 😀


    • Well, if they took selfies, then they’d have to have a Facebook page to post them on. One thing leads to another you know.

      We’re having soft food catered to the party. It hurts the old man to chew.

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  6. Wait a minute…Aliens abduct mother-in-laws? Why wasn’t i told earlier? Any idea where to contact these Aliens?

    ha ha. Good one Russell.


    • The problem is they don’t keep the mother-in-laws long. About 20 minutes is as long as they can handle it before the mother-in-laws start trying to probe them.


  7. There is a rumor that Bigfoot couldn’t get a credit limit for a subscription… otherwise he would have been on Instagram snapping selfies… What a great anniversary for the XXXth 29th birthday of the magnificent Perry…


    • I can just see of their littles one trying on a pair of human shoes and posting it on Facebook.

      Be sure an log onto his site and wish him Happy Anniversary on the 12th. Sympathy cards are appropriate as well.


  8. The U.S. for one place seems to be getting weirder and weirder. It’s no wonder Bigfoot and the saucer people are hiding. After what I’ve seen in political rallies recently they seem normal by comparison. Some rallies sound more like lynch mobs. I’ve heard the Canadians have remarked, “Leave us out of it.” Funny stuff, Russell. 😀 — Suzanne


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